Young Money Lender Fucks Middle Aged Housewife

This is my first attempt to pen an erotic story which is purely fictional. The story may be a bit long to read and the purpose is for stimulation and arousal. Please do read the complete story preferably with your partner by the side or visualize the sequences, characters, in the story to have a stimulating experience, enjoy it and do feedback with suggestions on improvements of the theme, character, descriptions of body, dress, description of the sexual acts for future guidance. .

All characters, names, places in the story are fictitious and any resemblance to any living person, place is purely coincidental and without any malice. Your feed back to

This is a story of a family living in a remote industrial town in South India. The family resided at the outskirts of the town. Hari, aged 45 years is an administrative assistant in one of the steel factory located in town. His wife, Meena, aged 35 years is a house wife and they have a daughter, Reema studying in a local school. Hari has come up in life the hard way and they stay in their own house, a small unit consisting of two bedrooms with loans raised from the company and financier.

Meena had studied up to secondary school and has come from the village where her mother resided. Her daily life was to cater to the daily needs of her husband and her daughter. Having come from coastal place, she was quite fair, moderate height of 5.5’, a clear oval face, long hair and had a physical body of any average middle aged woman. She was neither thin or fat, but medium build with good hips and buttocks, her stomach was even and slightly hard due to household daily chores performed by her. Her breasts were reasonably sized, round in shape with black nipples and black areole and she was not used to wearing bra but used bodice, an inner blouse of thin material with front hooks, which compressed her breasts and to a onlooker presented flat breasts.

At home she generally wore a long skirt and choli (blouse) due to the hot climatic condition of the place which her husband did not object and was a general practice in the homes. She was not used to wearing any underwear as the long skirt covered her genitals. She never thought of putting on any make up or cosmetics to brighten her body and face as their daily life was hand to mouth existence. The family rarely went out for any outing or to movies due to financial reasons. Meena’s love life was nil as her husband rarely made love to her. It had been more than couple of years now since Hari had fucked Meena, nor kissed her, nor squeezed her breasts or had any physical contact with her.

Hari was obese, had blood pressure and diabetes and was on regular medication for quite some time. As such he had lost all interest in sex and Meena was just a house maid to him who cleaned the house, cooked food etc. Frustrated Meena, many a times shouted at her husband saying that you cannot fuck and what is the use of a husband but Hari due to his inability to fuck remained silent and listened to all the abuses. Meena resigned to her fate as any woman of less education, without security of money or husband would do. She did not indulge in self masturbation as she did not think of sex any more.

Hari had raised a private loan of Rs. 5 Lacs from a private financier, Virat, a 28 year old from the hilly ranges in the North. Virat had started his finance business, a year ago and lent money at interest to the workers in the factories. Hari had been paying interest monthly to Virat and lately had defaulted in paying interest. Virat started paying visits to Hari’s house to remind and collect the monthly interest. He knew Hindi only and would converse with Hari only. He had a soft corner for Hari as he had helped him in his early days as a financier to introduce workers who were in need of money and as such he was not hard on Hari. Hari on his part would canvass on behalf of Virat to garner more customers.

Virat was a married person but his wife ditched him for his Chacha and started staying with him. Virat shifted his base to this town to start his financial operations. He was funded by Dadaji, a very big financier in his home town and Virat in turn paid monthly interests for the funds given to him.

Virat was a regular visitor to the house of Hari in the morning and they both would leave to the factory of Hari. During his visits he would talk to Reema, learn a few words of English from her, write them down in his language for conversing with others, teach Hindi to Reema. He would try to speak to Meena who avoided him and he would smile at her and leave. He used to have tea given and at times there would be heated exchange between him and Hari over delayed payments and thereafter both of them would leave the house. Many a time Meena would admonish her husband to repay the loan and avoid Virat come to their house as they had a grown up daughter. Hari would brush her aside stating that Virat was a good boy and had no bad intentions.

Lately, Meena found that Hari was not giving the full salary to her to meet the house hold expenses and she was not able to maintain the expenses for the month. She also noticed that Hari was not paying the monthly interest also and questioned Hari on this which was not appreciated by him. It was one of those days when Hari had left for the office, Reema had to return home since she had not paid her fees for a couple of months and Virat came to the house in a bad temper.

Virat started shouting at Meena demanding the monthly interests which had accumulated and started abusing Meena and Hari. Virat caught hold of Meena by the shoulders and started demanding the money due to him. Meena was terrified by the sudden rudeness of Virat and thought that he might molest her as Virat’s hand were sliding to the sides of her breast. She could not answer and murmured that she did not know anything, that Hari had not paid the fees of Reema and Reema was sent back from the institution, that Hari had not given sufficient money to her to buy the rations for the month. She asked Virat to follow her to the kitchen to show the empty food containers and Virat holding her waist followed Meena to the kitchen.

Meena felt Virat’s hands on her naked waist and a shock wave went through her and she felt him to be very strong and while walking he slid his hands along the sides of her right breast. Since Meena was afraid that Virat may hurt her, the hand of Virat on her body had no effect on her. Seeing the pathetic condition in the house where no food grains and other eatables not being available, he took out Rs. 5000/- from his pocket and handed over to Meena to buy food grains and not to starve. He held Meena by the waist and told her she should not inform Hari that he has given the money for food grains lest Hari may take it away to gamble in playing cards which he has taken up as a new vice.

Virat left with Reema to the school where he paid the fee dues and asked her to attend the school. When Hari came home in the evening, Meena told him of the behaviour of Virat physically handling her, confronted him with the news of him gambling in cards. He denied gambling and said he would deal with Virat as he had no business to touch his wife. She did not tell him of the money given to her but told him that Virat had taken Reema to school and paid her fees. Hari tried calling Virat on phone but he did not respond. The next day in the morning around 8.30 am Virat came to the house after Reema had left to school. Meena was in the kitchen and as usual she was in her long petticoat with choli (blouse) on. Hari was to leave to the office when Virat came.

Hari: How dare you come to my house and molest my wife in front of my daughter?

Virat: If you have any self respect and for your family, why don’t you pay my dues with the principal amount. How long can I wait for my monthly interests and it has been due for more than 6 months.

Hari: That does not mean that you can molest my wife?

Virat: You have money to gamble but you do not want to pay my money. I have been soft with you and no longer am I going to tolerate this attitude. I will certainly molest your wife.At this stage, Meena came to the hall where the arguments were in progress. She wrapped a half saree on her body to see what was happening.

Virat pulled Meena to his body who stumbled and cried out what is happening, Virat held Meena from the back and held her breasts in both the hands and kissed her on the neck, face and Meena tried to free herself.

Meena felt Virat’s hands on her breasts and it was electrifying as a male hand fondled her after a very very long time. She was stunned and unable to utter any word except cry half and moan, Aahaa, Aahaa, aahaa, ohooo, ohooo. Virat was behind Meena’s back and she felt his both hands on both her breasts and he had started to knead both the breasts, his lower abdomen touched her buttocks and she could feel the flaccid penis of Virat touching her buttocks.

Virat shouted at Hari and challenged him, see I am holding your wife in my hands and let me see what you can do? Meena was speechless except that her senses were being aroused by Virat and she tried to say something to Hari to help her. Hari came to aid of his wife and Virat punched Hari on his chest with his right hand. Hari went down with pain holding his chest and slowly made his way to a chair near by crying, my chest, my chest. Meena: oh God, he is hurt, please help him, Please leave me, why should I suffer for what my husband has done.

Virat: Still holding Meena by her breasts told her he is ok and just play acting. I know this person well.

Virat squeezed the breast of Meena who let out a whimper of pleasure as her breasts were being fondled after a long time. Meena felt Virat’s manlihood pressing against her buttocks and made no effort to stop him. Meena felt Virat’s lips on her neck, face and brushed her lips.

Meena’s breasts which had slept all along and had shrunk, sprung to life with blood gushing to the glands and her nipples stiffened up, her breasts rose and she welcomed the hard squeezing of her breasts. Meena felt her half saree being removed and the choli being ripped off. Her breasts surged forward in the tight inner half blouse and she felt the hot breath of Virat’s mouth on the top of her breasts. Virat smooched her breasts and tugged at the hooks of the inner blouse which gave away and her right breast was almost out.

Meena tried to shift as she was uncomfortable in the position, she was in front of Virat and wanted to turn and as she turned Virat kissed her lips and held her. Meena felt the warm lips on her lips and she opened her lips involuntarily and felt the tongue of Virat slip inside her mouth. Virat still held her by both breasts, his penis pressing her buttocks and kissing roughly on her lips.

Meena’s resistance fell and her sensuous feelings took over her body and she surrendered to Virat as it had been a long time since she was fucked. She saw her husband on her chair and he was sitting and watching them without saying anything. Meena felt angry that her husband was a silent spectator to the molestation by Virat and at the same time a new feeling, new thrill crept into her body, she wanted to be handled roughly by Virat who was a younger person.

Meena felt her mouth invaded by Virat’s tongue and her tongue started to play with his tongue. The heat from the penis of Virat was being transferred to the buttocks of Meena and she felt her sleeping cunt come to life, she could feel her inner lips of the cunt twitch and she spread her legs to have a better feel of the penis touching the gap of her buttocks. Meena was sure that she was going to be fucked but was not sure whether it was going to be in front of her husband or in the bedroom. Meena wanted a support to hold as she was standing in the middle of the hall and she moved towards the sofa set with Virat pressing behind her and she leaned on the back of the sofa.

At this point, the mobile of Virat rang and he attended the call responding Dadaji, Dadaji, I will come and cut off the call. As she was in a bent position, he rubbed his penis against the crack of her buttocks, held her right breast, rolled the nipple and massaged the breast which brought immense pleasure to Meena who cried out ohooo, ohoooo, ohoooo, ohooooo. Virat whispered in her ear that he has to meet his boss who has come down to the town and that he would come to the house on Saturday around 10 am which was two days away. He kissed Meena on the lips and left the house.

Meena ran to the bedroom and closed the door. She removed her torn choli and inner blouse and saw her breasts. Her shrunken breasts swelled with fresh surge of blood, her nipples were straight and stiffened and she felt she was a resurrected woman. She felt her cunt to ooze with juices and the thought that she was going to be fucked by a younger man other than her husband brought a big smile to her otherwise sombre face. She took time to change her choli, put her half saree and confronted her husband.

Meena: Are you a husband, are you a man, don’t you have balls to fight a person who almost raped me. Why should I suffer because of your dealings. I am going to my mother’s house with Reema, you deal with Virat. I do not want to have anything to do with you. You cannot protect your wife today and tomorrow it may be your daughter Reema who may be fucked.
Hari: What can i do, you saw him how he hit me and my chest is paining and I am unable to move. I may have to see the Doctor.

I know I have defaulted on payments and to make good, I started to gamble but I have lost there also. I do not know what to do. Please do not go away and leave me alone, pleassssse. I beg you, Please do not go away.

Meena: All right, you should not interfere hereafter in what is going to happen or will happen. I will deal with Virat, for good or bad, my life can go to hell but nothing should happen to Reema. If you interfere, I shall go away and not return.

Hari: I shall do you as you say and not interfere in what is going to happen in this house. I will hand over my salary to you and please maintain the family, pay the interest to Virat and my only request is couple of hot drinks during the week ends.

Meena: Let us see that you keep up your assurances.

Hari: What did Virat tell you while going out.

Meena: Are you not ashamed of asking me what he told me. Why should I tell you. You are making me a prostitute and I had not known such life. What will my mother say if she comes to know what has happened here? She will have a poor opinion on me and that I am unfaithful to you. What she does not know is that you are impotent and not capable of fucking. You have thrown me to a wolf and I do not know how I will come out of it. I am concerned about Reema’s life only.

Hari: Let me tell you something. Virat is also impotent guy. He was not able to impregnate his wife and she started having an affair with Virat’s Chacha. Virat’s wife is in the able hands of his Chacha who has fucked her and given a child to her. She is now staying with his Chacha in a separate house. It was a big shame on Virat and hence he shifted his base here.

Meena: Dont lie to me. Who told you this story. But for the phone call, Virat would have fucked me in your presence and I could feel his hard penis against my buttocks. She had felt Virat’s penis which was very hard against her buttocks and thought to herself how could he be impotent.

Hari: Virat told me his life story and he did not lie about his wife. They were married and had lived for 5 years together before his Chacha took over fucking of his wife. Virat was unable to do anything when Chacha was fucking his wife in his own house. Virat admitted to me his wife’s affairs and hence had to leave the village. Tell me what he told you while leaving.

Meena: You are a shameless guy. What he told me is for my ears only. Just behave yourself and do not interfere unnecessarily. You are my husband since you have married me and we live as a husband and wife for the outside world, but inside this house, you are a mute spectator.

Meena went inside the bedroom and sat on the bed. She felt her breasts swell up and her choli was tight to hold her breasts which had been sleeping all these days to be awakened by an angry wolf. She removed her choli and her both breasts popped out of the choli. What surprised her was her sunken breasts of yesterday was full of life and swollen and she felt her breast to be hard and pliant.

Her black nipples and black areola was a contrast on her fair skin. The black areola had puffed up and the jet black nipples had swollen and stiffened up. She shamelessly massaged both her breasts and played with her nipples and felt an electric surge of pleasure run from her nipples to her cunt. She had indulged in oral stimulation for the first time in many years. She just laid down on the bed enjoying the pleasures engulfing her body.

Meena…………..Come Saturday.

I saw off my daughter at 8 am and my husband left for work at 8.30am and I completed my household chores by 9am. Then it struck to me what Virat had told me that he would come on Saturday at 10am. I dressed up by combing my hair and coiled it in bun shape over my head, wore a black inner blouse and a black choli and wore a light yellow sari and covered my shoulders with the pallau (border) of the saree.

I checked my face and did not apply any cosmetics and had no practice of applying any creams or lotions. I was nervous, edgy over what things that would happen now and over a period of time. I was not sure whether Virat would come as told by him and tried to get occupied myself by cleaning in the kitchen. The door bell rang at 10am and my heart stopped for a second and I became nervous. I gathered my wits and strength and opened the door and lo Virat was standing and he came inside and I locked the door.

Virat: Holding my chin, how are you doing, Meena, had your breakfast.

Meena: Good, thank you, how are you doing and what brings you here.

Virat: Smiling, I told you that I would come here today.

Meena: Smiling, you should not be coming here when I am lonely and without my husband and what will the neighbours think.

Virat: I do not care what the neighbors think, but I came to spend a few moments with you. What would your husband do even if he was present now. He did not do anything the other day when I physically molested you.

Meena: You have brought something, sweets and cold drinks. She keeps the sweets and drinks on the small table in the hall. Virat, come sit down, l shall get you some tea. You know it was not proper on you to molest me in front of my husband but past is past. I am a married woman with a child to support and I do not want to ruin my life. You know my husband can throw me out of the house and I have no one except my aged mother living in the village.

Virat: No, I will not have the tea now. Hari dare not do anything to you and I will assure you.

Virat held my right hand and pulled me to him on the sofa. I pretended as if I was resisting to go sit beside him but he forcibly pulled me and made me sit on his lap. I pretended to be in pain and cried ooohhhh and sat on his left lap. Virat was a strong person, had wide chest, muscular arms and his thighs were like logs of wood, flat abdomen, his hand was quite large with long fingers. Virat tried to kiss me on my lips and I evaded protesting that it was not proper and indecent to molest a married woman who is lonely in the house. I locked my arms in front of by breasts and Virat started smooching my face, ears, neck, eyes and while enjoying the smooching, I pretended to be evading his mouth. He held me by the neck and snaked out his tongue and touched my lips in a circular way slowly and taking his time.

Since I could not move, I opened my lips to receive the kisses of his tongue and slow opened my mouth a little bit and snaked my tongue to project out a little. He licked my tongue and slowly started poking my tongue and pushed it inside my mouth. He removed his tongue and looked at my face.

I had never been kissed like this before and was an altogether new experience. I wanted more of his kisses and I had closed my eyes when he was kissing slowly and when he stopped, I looked at him in half closed eyes and offered my open lips.

He kissed me slowly nibbling my upper and lower lips and smacked hard on my lips, then went soft to nibble and kissed hard again and used his tongue to lick my lips and mouth, then snaked his tongue inside my mouth and dueled with my tongue for some time, swirled his tongue inside the walls of my mouth and I held on to his tongue and started sucking it, leaving it and sucking it.

He slowly withdrew his tongue and then again snaked his tongue for me to suck. I then snaked my tongue inside his mouth and sought his tongue and he sucked on my tongue. We both looked at each other and I was in seventh heaven and I could feel my breasts swell in the tight inner wear, my cunt was dripping with my honey. I feebly protested, Virat, this should stop, this is not decent of me to behave with you, you are seducing me.

He planted a kiss on my lips and I hungrily received the kiss. He moved his mouth from my lips to my neck and removed the pallau of my saree from the shoulder, smooched slowly on the naked parts of my shoulder, neck, top of my breasts. I could feel the heat from his loins as I was sitting on his lap and could feel the hardness of his penis. Virat got up and lifted me up and moved towards my bedroom.

I once again protested, Virat, please stop now and do not ruin my life. He gave me another kiss and I held on to his tongue. My bedroom had no cot and had only a cotton mattresses spread out on the floor where I shared it with my daughter, Reema.

He put me down and looked into my face and said, honey, do not worry, I will take care of you whatever happens and I will not let you down. He lifted the folds of my saree tucked into my inner skirt and removed the saree in one pull and threw it aside. I was standing in front of him in my choli and inner skirt.

He held his hands on my choli and in one motion ripped it apart and the choli being quite old came apart in two pieces. The inner blouse had hooks in the front for opening and my swollen breasts were already trying to pop out of the tight blouse. He could not open the hooks and in one motion ripped the inner blouse and all the hooks hooked onto the eyelets broke away and my both my breasts popped out in freedom and swayed in the air. He looked at my breasts without touching and told, honey, your breasts look sexy, juicy and your nipples are amazing. I am seeing black nipples for the first time.

I removed the inner blouse completely and I removed the knot holding my skirt and it fell down and I was totally naked in front of him. He removed his shirt, pant and shorts and he was a magnificent figure to look at. His penis was already erect and standing at an angle, his penis looked quite big and large. I compared the penis of my husband and it was no match by any standards. He came near me and held my breasts gently and massaged both of them gently upward till it reached my nipples and held my nipples with his thumb and fore finger and tugged the nipples.

He repeatedly massaged and tweaked my nipples and kissed my mouth. I moaned with his breast massage, ooohhhh, ooohh, ooohhh, oooohh, ooohhh and moaned continuously. This was the first time my breasts were loved in this fashion as my husband never even touched my breasts or sucked it even when it was full of milk. This pleasure was new and mind blowing and I did not want him to stop it. My breasts with the steady massage started swelling, became hard and my erect nipples jutted out like a thumb.

He made me sit on the mattress and sat in front of me and slowly kissed my upper flesh of my breasts, then the sides, inner flesh and lower flesh without kissing my nipples. I held his head while he was kissing and moaned deliciously over and over as shock waves were passing through my body. My nipples jutted out further as it was not getting the tongue treatment.

He started mooching my breasts again in a circular way taking his time with each lobe without touching the nipples. I groaned and moaned held his head and looked at his face and kissed him fiercely on his lips and pulled his mouth to my right breast and shoved my right nipple into his mouth. He fiercely sucked my breast and pulled on my right nipple and nibbled it, sucked my areole and held the areole by his teeth, pulled it along with the nipple. The pleasure was unbelievable and I cried out loudly, Aaaahh, Aaaahh, Aahhhh, repeatedly. He shifted his mouth to my left breast and started sucking the breast and my nipple. He held my left breast with both hands and sucked the breast, bit the areole and dragged the areole with the nipple with his teeth.

He continued to suck both breasts alternately and I dragged him over me and I laid back. My cunt was hot and on fire as I had not been fucked for a very long time. My cunt lips had its own life and the lips were wide open in eager to receive the large penis. I lip locked with his and he came over me and in between my drawn up legs. He passionately kissed me and I whispered in his ear, ‘slowly give it to me’.

He once again sucked my both breasts for some time and I was moaning repeatedly. He then slowly rubbed his penis head over my cunt lips and arousing my sleeping erotic zones and I could feel his penis head on my cunt to be big and drew my legs up to give wide room for him to penetrate. He took his time for his penis to get accustomed to my cunt, placed his penis head to the entrance of my cunt, slowly rubbed in circular motion.

He slowly pushed his penis into my cunt and my lubricated cunt yielded to the pressure and sucked his penis inside the pleasure hole. I moaned with pleasure as his penis entered my cunt and he stopped half way for me to enjoy the pleasures. My erotic zones got activated and little sparks flew from my cunt lips and the pleasure hit me in between my eyes and my honey started flowing and engulfing the penis inside my cunt. Virat pushed his cunt further and I let out a low scream as it was divine pleasure and he stopped pushing.

I held on to the waist of Virat and was moaning loudly, ooohh, ooohhh, oooohh and crying ‘so heavenly, no nice, so divine. Virat pushed his penis to penetrate fully but hit my cervix inside which has been sleeping all these days. The head of the penis nudged the cervix which opened itself and aligned along my cunt canal to accommodate the length of the penis and slowly sucked the penis inside the womb. Virat gave a hard push and was deep inside my cunt and his big balls smacked my buttocks. I was ecstatic and moaning and letting out low screams, aaaahh, aaahh, aaaahhhhh, aaahh and I could not control my self.

I held the waist of Virat and moved my legs up and down the thighs of Virat, moved my bottom up and down and Virat held my cunt with his penis without moving. I soon climaxed with great intensity, my cunt lips were electrifying sending shock wave after wave and was hit with an orgasm and my honey flowed in the canal.

Virat allowed my orgasm to subside and slowly withdrew his penis to the tip and slowly pushed forward and I was wild with the movement. He slowly started fucking me taking time and he held both my breasts in his large hands. I held on to his waist while he was fucking me and I could hear the sound of swish, swish swish, every time the penis was withdrawn and pushed forward.

After two minutes, Virat’s breathing was heavy and I could feel he was about to ejaculate inside my cunt and my orgasm was also building up and before he could ejaculate, I burst my floods and let out a low scream, aaaaahh, aaaaahh, aaaaahh, aaaaaahh. Virat increased his tempo and started fucking hard and I felt the hot spurts from his penis inside my cunt as he ejaculated. It was a heavenly feeling to feel the hot semen squrting inside the cunt and Virat groaned and squirted as many as six times. Virat lay down on me and I held both his buttocks with my legs and relished the new find of a young male fucking and freeing me from the bonds of shackled cunt.

Virat rested on me and I was also breathing heavily and I felt the hot semen slowly leaking out of my cunt and running down my thighs and drying up and it was a lovely feeling. I could feel his penis still hard inside my cunt and slowly moved his mouth over my right breast and held my nipple and nibbled at it and slowly bit the nipple, suckled the breast, moved over to my left breast and did the same as to my right breast.

I held his head and moved my breast to his mouth. He balanced himself on his hands without putting his body weight on me and started thrusting his penis into my cunt. I could hear the swish, swish, swish sound my cunt made as the penis thrust into my cunt and expelled the remaining semen inside my cunt canal. I drew up my legs and held onto his shoulders and he started banging my cunt in a slow rhythm sending pleasure waves to my brain.

He relentlessly fucked for a couple of minutes, rested himself and for me and started again slowly, steadily banging my cunt. The pleasure was delirious and started to give out low moans of pleasure inciting him further. His relentless banging was short for 2 minutes, rest, start again.

My cunt was on fire and secreted my juices, my inner cunt lips were electrifying sending out immense pleasure and my orgasm hit me like a lighting and and my body shook up and I held Virat by my thighs and kissed him hard on his mouth. The spasms in my cunt was sending shock waves throughout my body and it subsided, I relaxed a bit and removed my legs from his lower abdomen to have more freedom to fuck.

He kissed me and I hungrily sucked his tongue and pushed my tongue in his mouth to get sucked. He then started fucking me slowly, taking his time, pushing his penis full length, withdrawing till the tip, wait for a few seconds and then push forward and repeat the process.

My pleasure started building again, my cunt lips quivered, twitched the moving penis, deep vibrations started inside my cunt and my vaginal muscles trembled to leak out more juices and felt my orgasm build up. He could feel my cunt twitching on his penis, rested to savour the pleasure and started fucking. I could not hold my orgasm and burst once again by letting out a low scream.

Virat stopped for a while and after my body shook and stopped, he started his thrusting once again slowly and increased the pace this time and I could feel that he was going to burst his honey again. His breathing became harder and I could feel his penis vibrating inside my cunt before he let loose his honey into my cunt with a low grunt. I felt the honey shoot into my womb, once again spurting 4-5 times and lay by the side.

I was very tired by the multiple orgasms which hit me after a long long time and rested. Virat rested for some time and got up and went to the hall, fetched some jamoons and Maaza fruit juice. We both sat together and ate the jamoon and drank the juice. He asked me how I felt and told him that I was a rejuvenated woman and very tired and would like to lie down. He checked his mobile and made some calls and then asked me whether I was ready for another round. He came over me and kissed me and I returned the kiss and played with our tongues.

I told him that my cunt was hurting since I got fucked after a long time and would like to rest for a while. He fondled both my breasts lovingly and said, fine, rest now, I shall get some food for us and fuck later. He dressed up and left the house. I laid down and watched the semen trickle in droplets from my cunt to my pubic hair, thighs and I lovingly spread the semen across my thighs and pubic hair. After some time I got up to piss and after pissing I did not get myself cleaned and I wanted to have the sticky feeling of semen on my body.

After about an hour, Virat came with food packets and left them on the table. I was still lying inside the bedroom and he came and undressed. His penis which was flaccid started to stiffen and was half hard. He came by my side and sat down and slowly moved his hands over my breasts, fondling, squeezing and tweaking my nipples and I enjoyed the beautiful feeling and held his hands over my breasts as he moved. I kissed him and lip locked him as he squeezed my both breasts.

I moved my hands to his thighs and slowly touched his penis, held the half hard penis and slowly pumped his penis with my right hand. He immediately stiffened up and became rock hard and his penis head glistened with pre cum which started leaking. I whispered to Virat, come thrust your penis, I am ready and do it slowly, I want to feel the length and strength of your penis in my cunt. He rolled over me and came in between my thighs and I held his penis and guided him to my cunt hole and placed it in front of the gaping mouth.

He pushed his penis inside my cunt and I gave a low moan accepting his hard penis, he slowly pushed the penis bit by bit to make me feel his length and as he was entering me, I gave low moans which excited him further, my nectar, my juices started to flow in my cunt and slowly caressed his penis, coated his penis and formed a thick coat of nectar. I drew up my legs and the penis was fully inside and I held his buttocks with both my feet and he lay over me with his mouth on my breast. He started to suckle my breast and started to pump my cunt and as he withdrew my penis, I pushed his buttocks forward with my legs to complete the pumping action.

My nipples became stiff and he started sucking the nipples and biting them gently. The pleasure was unbelievable and I held his head lest he moved away from my breasts. My breasts were being sucked, suckled, bitten and at the same time his penis was moving in and out in rhythmic manner. He was fucking continuously for some time when my inner cunt lips started to quiver, twitch and I let loose my nectar as my orgasm hit me. I could feel my nectar flow around his penis as he stopped his movements to allow me to enjoy the pleasure and I held onto him very tightly.

As I relaxed my hold, he started fucking me in slow, steady strokes and I started moaning again ooooohhhhh, aaaaahhhh, oooohhhh, aaaaaaaaahh, The tempo of his fucking increased and I could feel his penis pulsating inside my cunt and he started to groan from his pit of the stomach and increased the pitch of his fucking. I could hear the splush, splush, sound of my cunt being thrust and I held on to his waist and spread out my legs to allow more space at time of spurting of his nectar into my womb. Virat groaned, pumped his penis fast, spurted his nectar into my cunt and I felt his hot nectar caressing my cunt canal, my twitching cunt lips sent shock waves to let loose my nectar once again as my body shook with its release. I lost count of the number of times I released my nectar.

The penis inside me spurted again, this time less with 4 to 5 spurts and he collapsed on me. I held on to him and kissed his eyes, ears, lips and lip locked and gave my tongue to him to be sucked. He kept on sucking till he quenched his thirst and lay down. His penis popped out with a big POP and I felt his hot honey trickle down my cunt lips, my pubic hair and thighs. I once again smeared the hot honey over my navel and thighs and relished it.

After taking some rest, Virat got up, cleaned himself in the bathroom, kissed me and told me that he would come again after a day or two. He asked for my mobile number but I did not have a mobile and told him so. He assured me that he would take care of me in the event her husband came to know of their affair and I did not tell him that I had indirectly hinted at my husband of having an affair with him.

I laid down for some time, got up, wore my nightie without washing as I wanted to savour the stickiness of Virat’s honey over my navel and thighs. I had the food brought my Virat which was mutton biriyani and chicken kebabs. My daughter came from school and I told her to have the food on the table and she asked me who brought the biriyani.

I told her Uncle Virat had brought them and she had her food. My husband, Hari came in the evening and eyed the food packets and must have understood what had happened since I was lying on the bed due to tiredness. Hari also had the same food but did not ask me anything that night.

The next day, after seeing off my daughter and husband, I slowly removed my nightie which I had worn last night. I saw my breasts and they were sore to touch due to severe mouthing meted out by Virat, my nipples were stiffened and my deflated breasts now looked full and bloated, started swaying due to its weight. My both breasts were red in color due to constant sucking and suckling. I looked down my cunt lips, felt the lips to be bruised due to manly fucking thrice. I felt the skin to be cut in three places.

I took a bath, then applied coconut oil to my cunt lips, prepared a sandal wood paste and applied it on both my breasts to give a cooling effect. I wore my petticoat only and moved around the house half naked, with my breasts coated with sandal wood paste and the pleasure was so fine my nipples bloated with blood and harden up. I put a choli without any inner wear and draped a half saree when my daughter and husband were at home. There was no much talk between my husband and me.

To be continued in Part 2.

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