My Experience With Prostitute

Hi i am jaya prakash from villupuram which is in southern part of india.I was studying first year of engineering so my age was 19 years when this was happened. I have experienced a sex when i was traveling in bus a man aged 40 or something came to sit near me and i was sleeping too during this he started to put his hand in my thigh i thought it might me due to his sleep but he started moving his hand towards my penis

I noticed and i let him do that slowly he moved his hands and started pressing my penis my penis started cummings and i realized it and removed it and he after some time he again moved i hand this time i beat his hand so he gone to back seat to sit.I am 6 inches tall and i am fairly complex in colour and i have a good physique which can turn on any women.My dich was large enough for good fucking and i must mention that i have never used it before . I am virgin when this happened i only get turned on only when i see some girls or during seeing sex movies or porn.

I have not even touched a girl except in situations when i was able to touch girls when i am traveling in buses. This event happened when my parents asked me to go to my relatives house in salem.I reached salem at 8 and i was searching for my bus and i wandering in the bus stand and i saw 2 ladies in sarees like prostitute were looking for customers. I reached near them and they asked me to come for sex.Seeing this i was aroused and i decided to have sex has i thought it was my time to have sex.

I asked them how much they said 500 and i asked whether they are male or female has i thought they might be shemales because i doesn’t want to loose my virginity to a shemale. She or he said she had become female before 3 months i thought she might have had surgery any how i doesn’t want to have sex with her. So i decided to search for more when i entered back of the bus stand i saw many sluts .So i decided to search for a good looking and well behaving slut .

I approached a slut she was very nice and hot so i asked her how much she said 500 but i said i only had 300 she said no and started looking for other customers. So i searched and found a good looking slut tha thing which attracted me was her calmness so i asked her how much she said 300 and i had that money so i said lets go.

She asked me to follow her and i followed her and i don’t want others to see me with slut so i walked by keeping distance and then she called the auto driver but all were gone she was angry at them and then finally a auto came and picked us from there. While traveling she asked me whether it is my first time i said yes and then she asked me to tell the truth i said it was true.

Then she asked me to give money to the driver i gave 100 during i touched her thighs it was nice. Then we left the auto and entered the house it had many rooms and in each one there were sex. We entered a room no one was there and we closed the door she asked me to remove my dress and i asked her to remove first she said boys first so i removed and she asked me to sit. Then she took two condom from her purse and wore it on my penis.Then she asked me whether i have any kathi or other items i said no she started checking my bag and purse .I grabbed my purse she slapped me i was shocked she said don’t overreact and then searched my whole bag but it had nothing.

She then started talking to me and asked me about my house and studied i asked her about her profession she said it is her part time job and she was working in a company . And then she started to shake my penis due to this my penis started becoming big.I thought it would have been nice if she had done it without condom and i also wanted blowjob but i didn’t ask . After my penis got big she asked me to fuck her she laid and i gone above her she slightly remove her panties i not even seen her pussy .

I started climbing on her she said to come between her legs and i put my penis to her pussy and started to insert it during this i tried to kiss her but she said she doesn’t kiss anyone so i press her boobs it was like a rock after five or six push i realised that my semen was coming out and i taken it out she quickly got up .

I made my hands to flow over her body her stomach was flat as if she had gone to gym during my entire process she doesn’t made any noise or nor shown any emotions it might be because she had often so she might have not like sex so porn films which show girls give more emotions and sounds i realised all is fake just to make us feel erotic and then she asked me to put my dress but i asked to wait because i wanted to lick her boob and kiss she said no and we came outside this is the end of it from this i am half virgin and my desire for sex is not finished.I have not got sleep the next 3 days because of i didn’t get the full sex so if any girls or ladies or married women who want to have passionate sex like me can contact me at and feedback for my story is welcomed

My Experience With Prostitute

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