A Sudden Honest Help Helped My Family

Hello everyone myself Sohan, from a poor background staying in Bangalore had been in search of a job and the interview was arranged in the next day so I was thinking of the preparation sat in bus stand waiting for the bus then i met a lady near the bus stop and she was sitting beside me so suddenly the bus came she started moving onto the bus but her purse was beside me and She was a gorgeous looking woman, lovely shape 36-28-36 suddenly I ran and caught same bus and gave her the purse honestly she was glad and we exchanged phone number casually and then i got down in next stop and went home.

After a week she messaged me and she inquired if she can be my friend so I behaved normally as a good friend and I said her just to have faith in me and move on as per ur wish and she was totally impressed and called me for a coffee in cafe day. Then she came a mind-blowing, awesome lady who was in tight jeans and t-shirt which made her stunning. Then she shared her feelings after sharing the problems with her husband so each and every suggestions given by me was feeling somewhat new,helpful and exciting to her .

I could know her astonishment through her face and she was very much happy that I gave equal importance to her problems and gave excellent solutions for each questions which made her think and clear the view about me and was surprised each time I saw her because of her dressing sense and the way she behaves and I said all of these things suddenly she couldn’t stop her tears and at the same time I sat beside her and hole her hands and started rubbing her hands and started persuading her and she wished me that I was her husband and I totally helped her to come out of the depression and she was glad .

After a week she messaged me a message saying that she desperately needs sexual satisfaction completely.She also knew that im mostly eligible for it as a good kisser, good seducer and so on… which could make her fully satisfied but my job at that time was to make her more and more satisfied than she expected. Respecting her concerns and privacy I have agreed for everything she said, as she has said, she called me, on Wednesday evening at 5pm this was the first time I heard her fully happy and excited, and told me that she’ll be waiting.I said ok to everything she was telling, after call I was making sure that I finish of my work half day early and went home.But she didn’t give the address and I was waiting in the same bus stand. Suddenly a BMW came in front of bus stop and the driver waked out and opened the door and asked me to walk in, and decided to take a walk since I saw her who was in the car and I sat next to her.

She was wearing a Red hot transparent saree with sleeveless blouse which made her stunning. But she was kinda strict didn’t see but I started to make fun and placed my hand on her thighs, she was helpless and her feelings was noticeable and then I laughed this was happening she was continuously looking outside as I had directed her not to react. I could feel that she is was astonished

Then I took my hand since we had reached.And she mad me seated in car and wait for 10 mins in a hurry she walked out and inside.. I observed her house which was like a best house in entire city.Then the driver asked me to walk in. With some little fear at first I slowly walked I walked inside and saw her inside in the room wearing two piece and was really like a miss world.She invited me and gave me coffee. Then she was standing and to make her comfortable made her to sit on my lap and her reactions could be noticed.

Then my turn started I kissed on her neck,….. and sucked her neck..guys there some weakness points for women which get attracted this is one among them and the other thing is I held her hairs with my finger which made her to get more into the mood and guys this is the second weakness point and there r still more.. and then I removed her top piece by smooching which was a fantasy for her and her boobs were hot and her nipples were so soft and I seduced her more since I was good in that and we were in full mood, I asked her let’s make love and she was surprised and replied “sure young boy”.

I picked her up in my arms seduced her in all possible ways and her energy was totally lost just by my seduction ;). Then we had dinner in a romantic single candle way and we talked about and between those talks I used to smooch her when she was about to talk and that also surprised her and she said that if I was her hubby she would took me all around the world and asked me for the chance but I had come here for my family problem and I persuaded her and suddenly her eyes were with tears and she appreciated me and I then I dint let her appreciate me more when she was talking about me I locked her lips with my lips :*

And then I took her to the bed room which looked like heaven fully decorated.She whispered do u love me and I replied not only love I caress u by kiss ,smooch and seducing and she felt shy and i started my art..she was innocent but tempting with her looks .

Then I removed her bra and smooched her and in urgency unbuttoned then I started sucking her lips which was a new experience to her and I tried different kisses and she was fully involved and then I sucked her neck this made her more tempted weakness point 3.. she responded very wildly pulling me by my hair and smooching me and she was in an uncontrollable stat.

I took her panty off and i started squeezing her boobs and fondling them and then she took my jeans was down on her knees and she started sucking my cock which made me an intense pleasure started playing with her nipples her satisfaction level was being showed by her shouts with different sounds she licked and sucked my balls and also parallelly I was smooching her boobs and then i made her stand up and pulled down her skirt… and started rolling my fingers over her pretty pussy which was wet and then I enjoyed fucking her more than I enjoying she was more and more satisfied then I was expected

Then I whispered how was it and her reply was “you rocked..!!! are you man or what??!!!! you have great strength ufff.!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I am completely off for you… this reply gained my confidence and i finally kissed on her forehead it was morning 3am and we slept for 3 hours by holding each other tightly making her more confident than before.

Then she got up at 6 and made me get up and I was playing with her lips with a bed coffee and then she got completeness in which she didn’t had for 5 years and she also helped me by providing all hi fi contacts and can u guess how much she paid me..30K but I expected only 10 to15K and I was shocked!!!

Friends please dont mind “being a husband is not important caressing a wife and making her completely yours is important” and based on my above research now I am a successful gigolo and there are many clients who call and mail me but I go after I meet them and get confirmed about their need upto today allover India I met 34 people which was a good experience. So by this I explained you only one but there are still 33 different experiences so stay tuned….

So people are always requested for the comments and the clients who has belief in me about satisfaction on any of your matters whatever it may be whether you are Indian or foreign people please do mail me and get your help im always here and for more info about me mail me Mail id:sohanvictory@gmail.com

So friends please do share this to needy people and i hope all of the needy gets benefited from me more than you expect I am here to help you out I am more experienced and make you happy see you soon….

A Sudden Honest Help Helped My Family

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