My Girlfriend Fucked By Friend

This is arun and I this is my real life experience.

My girl friend name is yashni and we were in love for 4 years , when ever time and place permits we used to enjoy. She loves to get touched and life was very happy for us like others. This all happened when we went to my friend house as no one will be there except him. My friend had a recent breakup and was in that mood and by the way his name is anil and he is shirt than me but more attractive . i saw him when he was seeing my girl friend in that angle . That night i was speaking about him to her in call and slowly told her how he used to fuck his gf an all. She got aroused by it and did phone sex in call and that was amazing..

We used to do phone sex a lot and Slowly I asked her to think about him while doing in phone first she didnt like that slowly and she started to like it. I told her if she wants to speak with him and she first was not convinced but slowly I changed her mind and made her to speak with him , days passed and she enjoyed speaking with him slowly I asked her to start seduce him when we go to his house . we went to his house and she was wearing green color tight chudi … I was in different feel to my girl friend getting excited to see him and seduce him… She was speaking to him and I was there next to her so make it more horny I went out saying that I wanted to make a call and went out.. I sighed my girl friend to start …

She slowly bend and was showing her cleavage to him and was making sure to make him touch her , the moment I entered in both became silent then I took yashni to room and asked what happened and how she s feeling, the way she told was exiting and we had nice fuck that day . that night I asked her to call him and speak casually why he was seeing her like that and he admitted that he was not able to control seeing her cleavage and told sorry for that she replied to him that it’s OK not a problem since u didn’t see wantedly and conversation ended there. I tested yash how much she is interested so I suggested for a movie but she told no need let’s go to anil’s house I was surprised and accepted it… This time she planned and wore a blue color chudi and it was tight which shows her figure accurately ..

The moment we entered she was so excited to see him and he too started to see her from top to bottom … This time my mind worked and told that I ll go to shop and but something to eat and told yashni to go next level and started from there… I went out and nearly after 35 min I came I knocked the door and it took 4 min to open I was over tensed as it took so much time to open the door…. I saw his cock was erect and she was not there and when asked he told she s in rest room..

I saw her coming out of rest room and her lips were so pink and she was bit different and i understood that something happened … then we had snacks and I took her to other room … When she came inside the room she was nervous and tensed when I asked her what happened she told many things happened and i dont want to do this an all and started to cry … You told its ok anyway with my permission only you are doing and if you had enjoyed then m happy with that convincing she told ok and i asked what happened yr.lipsnare so rose …

Then she told one..more surprise I was tensed as well as happy to see her like that and asked whats that she told.the bite mark in her hip and navel it was pink and so sexy to see on that white skin .. I asked what happened and she started to narrate ” the moment you left I removed my dupatta and he told not to tempt him by removing it , I (yash) told y should I not as I feel sweat .. You be in control for that he didn’t wait a second he immediately came near me and kissed my lips passionately for 3 min and slowly touching my hip , slowly he kept his hand inside my dress but I stopped but he didn’t listen and touched my hip I was in peak when he touched and slowly he pressed and I was moaning slowly and it started to wet ,

Then he bend down and went inside my dress and licked my navel with his tongue and holding my hip and pressing it gently and was playing for 5 min and made me lie down and he pulled up my chudi top up to navel so was playing with it ” and suddenly u knocked the door.. This is what happened .. I was in shock to see her disappointed that I came in between. But I didn’t show it to her and asked if I want to go out again she told no need and we enjoyed for a hour that day it was so different to see her so happy …

After that she wad asking so much about him and when we can go there….

Then I asked her what u ll do next time if we go there for that she replied even I didn’t know let’s see and so I planned this time to make more time her to be with him so I made her to go first inside his home and I told I’ll come in 10 min she too happily agreed to it and went in I was over exited and the next 2 min I went to his home she was supposed to see me I told that my bike in puncture so I need his bike to go college and come back in ten min he have the bike key..

I too started from there and went to college and it took nearly 1 hour and 20 min to come back I was aroused and at the same time angry that she didn’t call at that time at least to enquire what happened .. To be continued … Please send your comments which will help to share further…

My Girlfriend Fucked By Friend

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