Sex Adventure With Online Unknown Friend

Hi friends I am back with few more incident and stories, this time I am going to tell you about my unknown online friend and adventure with her. let me introduce to them who are new and who don’t know me I am Anuj and I am Gigolo living in Anand. I am 21yr and my dick (Cock) is 7 inch long and around 3 inch thick.

Our friendship started from an app called kik. I used to search for unknowns females who are looking for male escort or males for having fun. One after searching a lot I found her and messaged her and we started chatting. As I am straight forward I directly came to point and asked her about her interest in sex and all. After 2-3 weeks regular chats we become good friends or u can say sex friends we use to talk about sex only. We had planned many stories how we fuck each other and help each other in masturbation. One day she messaged me that she had a surprise for me and asked me come at railway station and with that I was shocked that she came Anand to meet me.

Let me tell you all about her she used to live in Ahmadabad and she is 23yr having figure 34-30-32. Fair in looks and beautiful. I went to station to receive her after 15-20 min waiting her train arrived and finally I saw her. She was wearing a black skirt up to knee and red-green mix top. Looking good in that. First we were confused what to say but without thinking anything I hugged her tightly. Then according to her plan we went to movie first and took the corner seat.

As soon as movie started we started our program first she holds my hand and then give me a good long strong kiss. Then I started to press her boobs above her top. Then after sweet kiss I started to rub my hand slowly on her thighs and she started to rub her hand on my cock above my pant. After a few min I inserted one of my finger in her pussy she grabbed me hand and after a few second start moving it herself within 10-15 min she came and gave me kiss. Due to uneven disturbance we were unable to anything more and went out. While taking dinner she was rubbing her feet at mine but there also we didn’t able to do anything.

Lastly the time came she was going back it was late in night we don’t have any place to stay so she was going that time I got an idea and took the 2 tickets of local train (memu). We search for most vacant coach and finally sat in it there was only an old lady sitting at back. we sat in other corner it was around 10.30. As soon as the train starts moving she came towards me and we start kissing, after a long kiss she stand up and sit on my lap then we continue to kissing and I inserted my hand in her top and started to press her boobs they were too soft and hard nipple.

After pressing them for while she turns and I started to suck her boobs making her top lifted upward then slowly I move hand on her thighs and move inside of her skirt and then started rubbing her pussy above her panty.

After 15 min of kissing and sucking of her boobs she stand up and while I pulled her panty she removed it. then she kneed and opened my zip and take out my penis and started to rub it first slowly and then she started to kissing it after a few kisses she took it inside her mouth which feels warm and wet it was good and the she started to suck my cock and suddenly train started to slow down and stops we sat back own our seat immediately. Then I saw at the woman who was other end she was amazed and looking carefully at me then I moved my eyes from her to my girl she was seeing outside and signaled that there was no one coming so I went near her and kissed her and insert my one finger in her pussy inside her skirt and she opened up my pant button and zip and took out the cock and hold it. Now I was fingering she was slowly rubbing and train again starts moving.

As train got out of station she pushed me and again sat on my lap and directing my cock towards her pussy I stopped her told her to put condom first. She immediately opened her purse and took out a condom and putted it on my cock and again pushed her toward her pussy it was tight. That pussy was tightest pussy till now I have fucked. It was warm and slippery and my cock went inside her fully with 3 push as train was also moving it was easy to move along with train. She was jumping on my lap for 10min and then cummed and then I stand her facing towards window and again started to fuck her after 10 more min I cummed.

Then I fingered her and she cummed to within a min. we sat for 15 min and again a station came and we again started as train departed from there. This time she insist for anal.

Then she first gave me sucking to hard my cock and then when I was wearing the condom she denied and told me tha anal without condom first I was thinking to deny but me to can resist after seeing her bend and facing her ass towards me.

Then I took my cock and placed it in her ass hole pushed and first try I got slipped it was too tight may be she was virgin. I tried again but it again slipped. She was too excited and then applied some saliva on her ass hole and pushed my cock with full force and it went in her hole she screamed loudly ahhhahahhh mar gayi mai and other force my cock fully went inside of her she she was holding rod of window with her full grip and taking long deep breath. It was too tight I was feeling her warm hot ass hole like my cock was went in lava, then I started to move and within 15 min I cummed in her ass. In that train journey we fucked 4 times and had lots of fun together.

I hope you all like my story. You all can give me feedback on my mail And the hot and sexy females of age 21-35 who lives in Anand or Vadodara or nearby Anand and want to have fun can also contact me.

Sex Adventure With Online Unknown Friend

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