Fucked My Cousin And Entered The Incest World

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Coming to the story this happens when i am 18. My family is very big have lots of cousin.

After this incident i i fucked mostly all ladies in my family one by one and enjoying every day in this incest world.My cousin Jennie was 19 at that time. Her size is 34-30-32 at that time itself little plump. She loved me. So i used to smooch with her often and i will press and suck her big boobs every day. But she wont allow me more then that. Later slowly she allowed me more. One day when only me Jennie and her bro were at home. He was sleeping beside us. Jennie was leaning in the wall and i was sitting near her and watching tv.

While watching i started kissing her sweet lips and started sucking both her lips one by one and started sucking her saliva and was going very hard and deep.Later we both were very horny. So i was sucking her lips and pressing her boobs hardly above her night dress and later i left my hand inside her night dress and started pressing her boobs so hard above bra. She was moaning to control it she was biting my lips and sucking it. My cock was very hard and was struggling to com out.

Later in mood she left her hand inside my shorts and she started rubbing my cock along with shorts.And i was pressing her boobs with one hand and rubbing her pussy over her pant by leaving my hand under her night dress and i was rubbing hard. I can feel my hand are getting very wet. Her pant is full of her cum.After 5 min she whispered in my ear that fuck me hard do it rough baby take me fully.Her words made me more horny.

But to my fate my aunt and mama came home. So we have to stop all what we was doing. From that day we both used to be wild most of the time when mama and aunt was not in home. Since her bro knows we love. He also wont disturb us. So we used to go inside and lock the bedroom and have fun.

I used to kiss and suck her lips hard and will be pressing her boobs and rubbing her pussy and fingering her pussy hard all the time and will make her cum a lot and she will suck my cock very hard rubbing and making my cock grow bigger also she used to bite my cock when she is more horny.But she didn’t allowed me fuck her.Also before that some one will come and disturb us. So days passed after one month in my family all went to an marriage. But exam for me and jennie so my parents left jennie with me. Only we should be there for 3 days.So now i got my time.

From the minute they all went for marriage i used to smooch with her more and i made her more horny and i want to break her virginity so i made her lie naked and was sucking her whole body making it very wet by licking her full body with my tongue. And then i rubbed her body fully with mine without leaving any place with my cock and balls and with my chest. She was very much aroused by this. And later i inserted chocolate in her pussy drilled her pussy fully with chocolate and i sucked and licked chocolate from her pussy. And poured ice cream on her nipple and licked it well with my tongue from her nipple and bite cherry which i kept on her nipple tip.

She was moaning very loud from the first when i start doing this things. I spread her pussy more and started licking her pussy soft and smooth at first and slowly i increased my pace and i was fully licking and rubbing her clitoris with my finger and with my tongue and made her moan in extreme pleasure later i poured chocolate syrup and licked her pussy well leaving my tongue inside her pussy and rubbing all places inside her pussy with my tongue and fucked her pussy hard with my tongue she was holding and pushing my head very hard and asked me to suck more with out stopping i sucked her pussy for nearly half an hour without leaving and taking my tongue from her pussy her creamy cum flowed many times and i swallowed and licked her cum when ever flowing from her pussy.

Also i asked her to spit her saliva spreading her pussy when cum flowing and i sucked it well both her saliva and cum together very tasty and yummy and now she started sucking my cock more wildly we came in 69 position she was sucking my cock rubbing it hard and pulling it up and down when ever i licked and fucked deep inside my pussy she started to bite and suck my cock and satisfied me well to the fullest and also with little pain. It was like heaven when she spit her saliva and making my cock fully wet by shaking it hard and sucking my cock. She gave me a blowjob like a pro and i choked her by leaving my cock till her throat.After 15 min she cant control and asked me fuck her more hard like there is no tomorrow.First i spread her pussy lips made her to put condom on my coco by giving another blowjob and we started in missionary position. She helped me enter her.

First i just kept my cock on her pussy lips and i was rubbing it slow and little fast and made her more horny and made her to plead for my cock. She cant control and begged for my cock. Asked me to tear her virgin pussy slowly i left my cock tip alone inside rubbed little and was fucking her hole slowly. Increased my pace slowly and left my half cock inside now. And also pressing and squeezing her boobs hard and biting her lips and suck it wildly. She was a peak while i am doing all things at same time she cant control and had first orgasm.

Slowly i started fucking her very hard leaving my full cock inside and fucking her like a fuck machine room was filled with the sound where my balls hitting her pussy every time i thrust my cock deep inside her pussy. And i started sucking her boobs sucking and licking her nipple and biting the nipple tip and pressing and squeezing the other and fucked her pussy hole hard later i fucked in doggy ramming her pussy hard and also lying in her back and pressing and squeezing her hanging boobs very rough she moaned in pleasure.

Later i made her sit on my lap facing me sucked her boobs and fucked her hole hard. The following 3 days were full of doing sex other then studying. Only little we studied. This is my first story. Need ur response. My mail id suryajo1990@gmail.com i am in Chennai. Kodambakkam. I like to satisfy and give pleasure to all unsatisfied girls and ladies of age from 18-50 so feel free to contact me for sex my dear darling when ever u want i am here for u. Thanks for reading my story. Have a sexy day.

Fucked My Cousin And Entered The Incest World

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