Seduced And Fucked My Friend’s Hot Wife

Hi to all the ISS readers. This is RK from Chennai. About myself, I am a 20 yr old boy with brownish color complexion. I have a muscular body with a 7 inch big thick gun. Ladies in and around Chennai, wanting private or secret sex can mail me at (privacy guaranteed).

Now coming to the story… this happened two weeks ago with my newly married friend’s wife. My friend Nikhil is a 25 year old guy from Madurai. He works in a textile company in Chennai. We know each other from last 2 years and we were like best friends. A month ago he got married to a 22 yrs old girl in Madurai. Her name is Meera. I couldn’t attend his wedding because of exams.

After 20 days of marriage he with his wife shifted to Chennai. He called me and invited me to his house for introducing me to his wife. So one particular day I went to his house. He was looking very happy after marriage. I congratulated him and we started chatting. Then after a couple of minutes his wife Meera came out, wearing a beautiful red saree with three coffee cups. She had dull complexion but was very pretty. She would be around 5.6 in height and had a slim and fit figure. The main attraction of her body was her face. She had a Ditto face like actress Kajal Agarwal.

Nikhil introduced me to Meera and she smilingly said hello to me. I too praised her and we three started chatting. She was very comfortable in talking to me. She was not shy at all. I was constantly looking at her slim waist and I think she caught me once or twice but she neither objected nor covered it.

Then Nikhil went to toilet and we both were left alone in hall. Then she started talking to me. She asked about my studies, college etc…Etc… and at last she asked that –”do u like or accept me as your best friends wife” . I replied frankly that- ” yes, you are a perfect partner to my friend”. Then she said – ”thank you… but why do u think so”.

It was a bit awkward question but I replied her the truth that – ”you are very beautiful and attractive and I always wish to have a girl like you in my life”. Hearing this she gave me a big naughty smile and thanked me for compliments. By then Nikhil came and we started chatting again. This time Meera was continuously starring me and I was enjoying her attraction towards me.

Then she went into the kitchen and started preparing some snacks for us.
After 15 min’s she came out with some sweets in a tray. This time I went crazy seeing her. Her pallu was not placed properly and the cave between her melons was clearly visible. When she came near me and bowed in front of me to offer sweets, I was able to see her 25% boobs through that cave. Her boobs were not too big but were very sexy pair of melons. That time also she caught me staring her boobs but she didn’t react to it.

I was feeling a bit excited and some bad intentions about her were striking my mind. Then after sometime I left their house and continued with my daily routine. Then at night when I went to sleep, I was imaging of fucking her and masturbated 2 times. Now I eagerly wanted to go to her house, seduce her and fuck her like a horse. My dream soon came true. After 2 days Nikhil called me and informed that he is going to Delhi for some business meeting for a week and wants me to take care of his wife like- bringing vegetables and other things from market and to help her in any emergency. Then he messaged me Meera’s phone number and left the city.

Next morning I called her and asked that does she need anything today. She said to come to her house and take her to super market for buying some eatables. I agreed and around 10 am I went to her house for picking her. I knocked the door. She opened the door with a beautiful smile and got me in. she was wearing a pretty violet sari. And then shortly we went to super market. There she was very friendly with me, while roaming in the market we chatted a lot, laughed on some jokes and then about one hour of shopping we came back to her house. We got in…

She offered me soft drink and brought her marriage album. She sat very close to me on sofa and she started showing the album. I too was enjoying those movements and I intentionally touched her hands sometimes. Then she said me to have lunch here. I also happily agreed for that. Then she was busy preparing lunch. After sometime I went to the bathroom for pising. There I found a white color panty which she changed in the morning. Its smell was amazing. I went mad and started masturbating inside the bathroom with her panty in front of my nose. Then I came out, she offered me lunch. I praised her for making such a delicious lunch and she was very happy. Then I left her house.

The same day around 8 pm she called me again and requested to sleep in her house as she feared in sleeping alone in her house. I agreed and at 9pm I went to her house. As she opened the door I was stunned by seeing her, see was wearing a pink slim fit t-shirt with low bow exposing the cave between her boobs and a black colored tight legging showing her sexy legs. Her full slim body shape was clearly visible. She had a nice & sexy pair of butts. I couldn’t control myself and I praised her that she is looking very sexy. She gave me a naughty smile and we started chatting, sitting on sofa.

I was continuously looking in between her melons as it was very sexy and attractive. She caught me and asked what m I looking at? I gained my all guts, closed my eyes and said that- ‘ u are looking very sexy and I would like to fuck u if and only if u permit’. I opened my eyes and saw her giving a big naughty smile to me. She said – ‘then what are u waiting for, I am all yours… I love u!!’And she hugged me very tightly. I was in the 9th cloud! Then I said that I love her too and I started kissing her neck. Then she held my hand and took me in the bedroom, on the way I slapped her butts twice. Then in bedroom I started undressing her, first her t-shirt. She was wearing a sexy red color pushup bra. In no time I unhooked it and saw her two sizzling hot and fresh boobs.

I pushed her on the bed and we started kissing madly. Then I came down and started sucking her nipples and she started moaning. Then 5 min’s later she got up and removed my pant & underwear and my 7 inch big dick was in full form. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it very fast. That was the best blowjob that I ever experienced. Meanwhile I was rubbing her butts. Then after 15 min’s I got up and started removing her tight leggings.

Then I removed her pink panty and saw her wet pussy with very small hair on it. It was very cute. Then I lifted her legs and started licking her pussy. Then I slowly entered my tongue in and licked her cunt. Now she was moaning louder ohhhh……. Robinnn… plz don’t stop!! Keep doing that… 15 min’s I licked her cunt and then she ordered me to push my dick inn. I obeyed and slowly I rubbed my dick on her sexy pussy lips. And then in one stroke I pushed my dick in and my long 7 inch dick fully entered in. it was a perfect pussy to fuck. Then I started stroking her pussy fast and her moans were erotic. Her beautiful faces were giving very sexy expressions. I was really enjoying it.

Then after 10 min’s of furious fucking, I slowed down and started kissing her wet lips. Then I took her on top of me and she started riding my cock very fast, meanwhile I was sucking her boobs. She was full of stamina and was giving me my dream pleasure. After 15 min’s, I stood up, placed her in doggy pose and started fucking her cunt like a horse. She was going mad and was shouting…. Fuck me harddd… fuck me hard… ouchhh ….. aahhhh…. and I was enjoying every bit of it. After sometime I was ready to cum. So I took my dick out and poured all my cum around her butts. Then I turned her and liplocked with her for some time.

Then we both went in the bathroom for cleaning ourselves. She turned on the shower and slowly came close to me. She hugged me and emotionally told me that she wants to leave his husband and wants to marry me because Nikhil is too focused in his work and doesn’t have time for her. I was thinking that how Nikhil ignores such a beauty and as we both were good friends I didn’t wanted to hurt him by marring her wife.

Then I made her understand that it is not possible as Nikhil is my best friend but I promised her that I will be there for her anytime for giving her sexual pleasure. She agreed and we started another session of sex in the bathroom. Let me narrate that too…

After the conversation she kneeled down on the floor, held my dick in her hands and started licking my balls. Under the shower she was sucking my dick. Then after 10 min’s I made her stand started licking her sexy cute boobs. Then I turned her and bended her forward.

Then slowly I adjusted and pushed my dick in her pussy and started fucking her gently. Then after sometime I lifted her one leg up, now she was standing on one leg taking support from the wall and I started fucking her in that pose. As she was very fit, she had no problem in that pose. She was moaning louder and she was continuously looking in my eyes. It gave me perfect porn film feeling and I started fucking her harder. Then soon I cummed, this time on her face. Then we cleaned and slept nude on the bed. I had a deep sleep that night.

In the morning at 9, she brought coffee and waked me up. She was only in her bra and panty. I moved my face towards her to kiss her, but she stopped me and told to brush and come. I obeyed and brushed my teeth.

Then I took the coffee mug and sat on sofa. She came and sat on my lap. We both enjoyed coffee with some naughty talks. Then we had another fucking session on sofa. The whole week I slept with her in her house and we use to fuck 2-3 times a day. Then after a week my friend Nikhil arrived and then we both started having sex secretly whenever time permits.

Well that’s the end of the story… thank you. Feedbacks-

Seduced And Fucked My Friend’s Hot Wife

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