My Sexy Collegue

Rozy, my colleague. I was running a college at that time. I was 32 at that time. Rozy is a Maldivian lady. She used to come there regularly for taking English and she used to take other subjects too. Very friendly woman at the same time will crack jokes just like that. She is quite beautiful with sexy figure of 38 30 38. I never thought of her for sex. But one day when I came to the college she was sitting there without her turban in her head.

She was wearing a shirt and very tight jeans exposing her sexy thighs. Look all the sexier.

From that moment onwards i started noticing her. Even though she was a mother of two, her figure didn’t say that. I used to stare at her boobs and thighs. We used to call each other mostly for college purpose. At times we used to say about our partners on how much we used to miss them. My wife was at Bangalore and her husband was in Maldives.

One day when I called her for some official purpose and then we stated talking about her husband and I took the courage and asked her whether she was missing him for sex. She said “then what else. I don’t love him because he goes around with her secretary for holidays. I took this as my chance and said “why don’t you also go around with your colleagues?”

She said: “I like only one person in the college whom i really want to have sex with, but he is married and has a son. I don’t want to disturb his family. I asked her is it me?” because there were no body else who has a son in the college to which she didn’t answer. I repeated the question and she said “yes.” I told her that “I have no problem and my family life will not be disturbed in any way if you are alright.”

We continued the flirt for some more time and then fixed the date. Then one day we planned for a date and i picked her up and wet to a hotel, had a cup of tea and then went to the was already 7 pm and darkness started. We sat inside the car started talking and I could feel my erectness. I suddenly gave a kiss on her soft lips. She was surprised at my move and she pushed me aside. I asked her why. She said people will notice.

Which she was right, we were at Sangumukham beach in Trivandrum and it is usually a crowded tourist center. I said Ok and then pulled her hand and kept it on my rock hard penis. She was again surprised my move and her eyes went wide open and asked me Mukesh what is this?

I said this is because of the pressure which mounted for the last few days thinking about you. She said oh my! I never knew you had this much pressure”. We both laughed.

But she did not take her hands off it. She started to slowly massageit. I slowly pulled her closer to me and put my arms around her, she was wearing a loose shirt and tight jeans. I held her boobs through her shirt. Very soft and shaped well. She was a bit shy and said people might watch. Then I said Ok, we will go somewhere else to which she agreed. I started the car, but to my surprise she did not remove her hands from my cock. I looked at her and she said I don’t want that erection to go off.

We went to a remote place where there were not much people. We both did no waste any more time. I kissed her on the lips. This time she also responded very well by opening her mouth and kissed back at me. I slowly put my hand on her boobs and stated pressing it. I
started unbuttoning her shirt and now i could feel her boobs above her

By this time her hand went inside my pants and underwear and pulled it out. She just stopped kissing and gave a look at my 7.5 inches erectness. She said oh dear, this will give me a lot of pain. I asked why? She said this has to go inside me. I said i will do it without giving you any pain. She suddenly bent down and took the whole penis into her mouth. It was one of the best feelings. She started to blow it very fast.

I unhooked her bra and started to press her soft boobs and hard nipples. She pumped me so expertly rubbing my balls. It went on for hardly 5 minutes and I released the whole pressure of my cum inside her mouth. And she drank it fully. She said it gave her too a good feeling. We quickly shifted to the back seat. We both removed our clothes and were naked. She lied down with her pussy lifted.

I started to suck her juice and she came in within 5 mins. I drank it all. She suddenly got up and said we are getting late and we will finish it fast. She sat on my lap facing me, her legs wrapped around my waist and I placed my penis head right in her pussy. She started screaming as she fucked me and as the full erectness went inside her. In the moonlight I could see her well shaped boobs right in front of my face dancing up and down.

I caught one of them with my mouth and stated sucking it as she was fucking me. I massaged the other boobs with my hand. It went on for around 15 min, and then we shifted to the doggy style.

I mounted it in her pussy and started pumping. She lifted her upper body in such a way that I could press her boobs. We enjoyed it for more than 15 min or so. She was saying faster and I obeyed her. I could feel her pussy lips closing in on my penis. She had 5 climaxs in between.

Now we were both coming in together. She said don stop dear, muck me faster and faster. I obeyed. I sprayed a hell lot of cum inside her, she also came in at the same time. She turned around after 2 min and wiped it all with her panties. Then i asked to wipe my penis also with the panty. Instead she bent down and sucked it all from my penis.

After cleaning she got up and looked at me, I gave her a kiss on her lips and held her boobs.she said “this is enough for today”.
I said “I just wanted to hold your boobs for some more time and then we will go. She agreed.

She lay on my bare chest with her back on my chest giving me the best way of holding her boobs.we sat there for another 5 min talking. She said that it was an adventurous one and she enjoyed it a lot.

She said that it was the biggest cock which has gone inside her till now and it was the best. We agreed that we will go somewhere like a honeymoon couple and enjoy the balance.

We got dressed and I dropped her at her house. It was one of the best fucks I had in my life. Will narrate our honey moon trip soon other time. Your valuable comments are welcome

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