The Best Beginning With Cousin Sister Irene

Hi guys, I am Ronnie from Kerala.. For the past two years I have read a lot of stories from ISS and Desitales. Now i think am mature enough to share my sex life with others. This is a real incident which took place 4 years before, nothing is fictional and its my first attempt in writing, please forgive my mistakes.

I am 18 years now.. I maintain a good slim, fit body since childhood. I have noticed most of the girls in my class staring at me. I was really a good boy in their eyes. My father’s brother’s daughter Irene initiated my sex life, when I was teen. She too was a teen back then.Speaking about her, she had a good figure back then, and now she is my sex goddess . she started developing her assets since she was too young.
We both were in same school same class, I knew many boys in my class who had crush on her. She was looking damn sexy in our school uniform. I always had nasty intentions on her , but never took it out because i was not interested in breaking the brother sister relation. But one day i lost my control which lead to the most beautiful experiences of my life.
Irene looked like Parineeti Chopra. With beautiful hair, pink lips, attractive eyes etc..
My uncle and family lived in our neighborhood itself. Since both of us had no other siblings our parents loved and cared us too much. Both of our parents were employees. Our grandmother lived with my uncle. She took care of Irene and me on holidays. On holidays and vacations , i spend my day time with her in her house . We used to watch TV , play cards and other games.
Once on a summer vacation , i visited her house as usual. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door. She was wearing a light green skirt and a white top with green floral designs. I was in a beige Bermuda and orange T-shirt with jockey brief inside. She smiled wished me morning and called me in. We both sat on the sofa before the TV and she started watching some music channel and i was going through a magazine .
In the magazine i saw some ads of bra and panty and i felt horny. I looked at Irene and i noticed that she changed her position , kept her leg towards me and her head towards the right arm of sofa, how Rose posed for Jack in Titanic. I looked at her legs, it was beautiful with red nail polish . She was fully into the television. Her ass and curves turned my devil on. I planned to make some moves because the granny was busy with some external works. I laid sideways and rested my head above her hip. Since she didn’t know my intentions it was easy for me. She adjusted a little and refocused on TV. Meanwhile i got her aroma. She smelled like strawberry. I wanted to hug her but i couldn’t.
Suddenly, she got up and went to the toilet. Meanwhile i invaded her place, she came back after two minutes and saw me at her place . I smiled at her and adjusted a little and gave her space in front of me. To my wonder she smiled and laid there ASAP facing the TV and back towards me. I felt great. Her body and my body were in contact an i cold smell her hair. I casually kept my left hand on her hips and she didn’t respond. My cock grew and tried hard to come out . By this time she might have felt the hotness of my cock. But she had no response. This gave me confidence and i proceeded further and placed my bulge into her ass cracks successfully. After five seconds she kept her left hand over mine which was on her hip and she caressed my hand.
That was the green signal . l raised her top a little and placed my hand on her bare skin. She shivered and moved a bit backward towards me. I moved my hands towards her belly button and circled it twice and felt her skin. Then i moved upwards to the breast and kept my hands over her bare breast. Her nipples suddenly got hard. She was not wearing any bra. Maybe because she was just 14. I pressed both her breast and pressed her nipples. My act made her breath heavier. She pushed her ass backwards and made my cock comfortable between her ass cracks. With my right hand i adjusted her hair and gave her a warm kiss on her neck.
Then i moved towards her pink lips and placed a hot kiss. She responded well and after 2 mins she broke the kiss and said.. Lets go upstairs in my room. We both got up fast and ran upstairs into her room and i closed the door. We hugged tightly and i placed kisses on her face. I removed my T-shirt and removed her top, she helped me with it . Then i pushed her into the bed and hugged her . Her breast crushed on my chest. Then i started sucking her left boob and pressed her right boob. She had pink hard nipples. She made little moans and pulled my head towards her breast. I saw her armpits, it was neatly shaved. Meanwhile i rubbed my bulge on her pussy area over her skirt.
She moved her hands towards my tool and pressed my cock over my Bermuda. Then she tried to remove my Bermuda. I suddenly stood up in bed and removed my Bermuda and threw it away. She saw my cock trying to come out of my black brief. She stood on her knee and pulled my brief down. She was amazed to see fully erect cock. My cock was in the peak of erection ( 6″). She took it in her hand and said she was seeing a big (erect) cock for the first time, its huge and hot. I replied ” You made it hot”. She smiled! I always kept my pubic area neatly trimmed. She caressed it with both her hands and then started stroking it.
She placed kisses on my monster and played with my precum. After sometime i made her lay and pulled her skirt. I saw her navy blue panty which was a part of our school uniform for girls, we boys used to peep under their skirt in class. I touched her pussy over her panty. Her panty was already wet with her honey. Then i slowly removed her panty revealing her cute virgin pussy with a bush which was wet with her honey. I asked her why she kept it hairy here. She said she likes hairy rather than shaving. I said I too loved it. I threw her panty away and touched her pussy. Parted her pussy lips and started rubbing her clit.
Then i kissed her clit and started licking it vigorously. She pulled my head towards her pussy and started moaning. After sometime she had her first orgasm of her life. My cock already oozed out alot of precum.
Since i have watched a lot of porn, i wanted to fuck her like the guys did in video. I climbed on her, she gave me area between her legs. I rubbed my penis on her hairy pussy. My precum and her honey mixed. She was holding my hand tightly. I rubbed my cock on her clit so hard that she used her hand to protect her clit from my cock and she said to stop rubbing. Then i took away her hand. Her clit was swollen . I licked it again and placed my uncircumcised cock on her vaginal entrance. I moved forward hugged her with one hand and kissed her. Then i slowly guided my cock inside. It was so tight that my cock slipped twice.
Then i did my best and gave a heavy thrust. Half of my cock went in breaking her hymen. Her eyes were filled with tears and pussy with blood. She was in real pain that she tried hard to take out my cock from her pussy with her hands but I locked her hands with mine, she begged ” Ronnie , please take it out, its killing me” but I was not ready to listen. It was painful for me too but pleasure overtook my pain. She couldn’t scream because i lip locked her. I slowly pushed in the remaining half of my cock. She pierced her nails into my skin.
I remained in that position for sometime and then i started moving my cock to and fro, like what i saw in video. She was still in pain but after some thrusts she became okay and said she is feeling good but please make it slow. I made it slow , after 15-20 thrust i reached my climax. I felt a extraordinary pleasure in my cock and after two more thrust i exploded a heavy load of thick white cum inside her. My first orgasm. Both of us shivered. My cock soon became flaccid. I felt guilty at that moment and I noticed a sigh of satisfaction in her.
Suddenly someone opened the door, it was our granny. I took my cock out and covered my genitals with my hand. My cum and her blood was flowing out of her hairy pussy, Granny saw that. Irene suddenly covered her nudity with the bed sheet. Granny caught us red- handed and she threw me with my cloths out of the room and locked the room. I dressed up and after sometime she came out with Irene, Irene was dressed. Granny fiercely stared at me and she phoned up our parents. Irene and me was on fire, Irene’s face turned red, she looked me with shy and helplessness. Both of were not at all aware of pregnancy and all.
Soon our parents arrived, My parents bet me and both our parents scolded us too much. Irene was taken to the doctor and later they made us attend counseling classes.
Later we faced difficulty in facing our family members. They kept us in surveillance, but yet we had oral sex twice when we were 18 I also had sex with my GF, neighbor and my sexy Teacher also. I will share those incidence for u in future . I am interested in girls and women between 18 & 28.

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