Sex With Girlfriend In Ludhiana

This can be a कहानियाँ which came about while used to be in school remaining yr. I’ve a female friend named Shine(identify modified). She is probably the most stunning woman I’ve ever met, her large मम्मों and white colour purple lips हमेशा draws me. We frequently kisses once we met however I would like extra that that I need to really feel her frame suck her मम्मों.

And the day comes after 6 months she is on my own in her space as her oldsters used to be long past to her household for a few pressing paintings so she and her sister used to be on my own at house. She calls me and inform me that she used to be on my own at house then I made a plan to visit her house that night time.. This used to be now not tricky for me as a result of her sister is aware of that मेरा नाम her boyfriend.. And that night time I discuss with her house at round nine pm she opens the door with black shorts and white kurta wow she taking a look fab.. After taking a lunch she took me to her bed room and ask her sister to sleep in settee room for this night her sister provides smile and says good enough revel in each.. .. I additionally smile to this..

As we input within the bed room I hug her from at the back of and press her मम्मों kissing her neck. She say come on we now have entire night time. Then I चुम्बन her lips and our tongues touches and enjoying with each and every others and we चुम्बन for round quarter-hour then I took her to her mattress.

I do away with her kurta and shorts wow she put on a pleasant pair of black undies. I चुम्बन on her abdomen she moaned mmm and her breathe getting more difficult then I slowly move up and eliminate her bra get started kissing and biting her मम्मों she moaned loudly mmm

Ahhhmm. I very deeply kissed all her higher phase with my tongue her breathe is going more difficult ahhhhh. Then I come to her pussy and take away her panty and get started kissing her purple pussy.. Her pussy used to be shaved and wiped clean. I lick her pussy on the subject of 15 mints then she cummed and wow what a style of her cum.

Now this used to be her flip I say child come on my cock used to be looking ahead to u she get up and open my undies and after taking a look my cock she stated wow darling u have a pleasant rod and I प्यार this.. I say pls ise मुँह me lo और style kro.. She suck my cock like a lollipop मेरा नाम within the heaven I say jaanu और tez poora lo अंदर tak.

After few mints in cummed in her mouth she says lollipop ka asli rus to अब aya hai and smiled. उसके बाद we suck each and every different complete frame with tonguesnd now my rod is once more in a position to rock. मैने कहा jaan apka lollipop in a position hai then she smiled and stated अब is lollipop को rocket bana do और ise guffa में ले jao. Use बाद मैने use mattress pe letaya और apna cock उसकी pussy par rakh दिया kyuki woh virgin थी to उसकी pussy tight थी. I ask her for a cream she stated take from drawer. I took a few cream and implemented on her pussy.

मैने apna cock उसकी pussy pr rakha और halka sa अंदर किया she maoned loud ehhhh mmm. मुझे really feel हुआ ki usko dard hoga so I once more placed my cock on her pussy lips and provides a jerk and my part cock used to be in her pussy now she louds yaar pls ise bahar nikalo aahhh hh maarrrryee yaar pls apni jaan को marna hai क्या. Mai उसके upar allow gya और use चुम्बन krne laga jaise hi woh thodi shant hui to I provide a jerk once more and this time my complete cock used to be inside of her pussy.. This tym she cried luder ahhh maaarr geeee aaaa I take a look at her face there’s a few little tears in her eyes

Par उसकी avaze मुझे motivation de rgi थी thodi der चुम्बन krne okay बाद मैने अंदर bahar krna shuru किया to woh shant hone lagi और mazaa lene lagi aahhhh. Mmmm sure sure mmmm

उसके बाद kareeb 20 mint बाद मुझे cum ana really feel हुआ to मैने apni velocity bada di she says sure jaan और tez mmm ahhhh jaan poora dallooo

After someday I cummed in to her pussy and laid at her and चुम्बन her lips passionately.. I suck her मम्मों once more I say jaan apka dood nikal kr peena ajj to she spoke back jaan poora matka tumara hai jitba chahiye chus lo. उसके बाद कुछ tym बाद मेरा cock 2d go back and forth okay liye fr से in a position tha and में अब कुछ hatke chahta tha so मैने bola jaanu अब tum मेरे uoar betho so woh maan gyi woh deere से मेरे upar beth gyi और apne हाथ से मेरे cock को apni pussy me gusa kr up down krne lagi ahhhhh mmaine कहा sure jaan और tez so wo और tez krne lagi ahhhh ohhh yaaaa

Itne में woh jad gyi और मैने अब कुछ nayi krne ki sochi मैने united states mattress pe leta kr उसकी tango को aone kande pr rakh kr usko set किया और apna cock अंदर dalte hue poora bhar uspar rakh kr use hoor से chodnelaga this tym she maoning louder ahhhhh jaaan aise nai bht dard हो rha hai aahhhhhmm marna hai क्या apni shine को मैने कहा nahi apni shine को bus आज tasali krani kuxh der jor से chodne okay बाद मुझे fr से cum ane laga

मैने use कहा ki I need to cum for your face she stated no मैने कहा good enough then she stated mazak kr rhi थी yaar ajj में bs tumari hu I smiled मैने apna cock bahar nikala और apne हाथ से up down krne laga thodi der में मैने apna sara cum उसके face pe daal दिया कुछ balon pr कुछ hontho pr she stated अब khush में कहा bht khush fr हम waise hi lete rhe nude ek dusre ki frame से khelte rhe is तरह hamne sari रात mazee kiye

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