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My First And Memorable Story

Hello to all readers.This is the 1st time I am writting my story. I am a regular reader. I am 22 years old now. I started getting interested in sex and the world of porn when I was 11yrs through the stories that I used to hear from my friends in school. We used to fantasize about our beautiful and hot sexy teachers who used to teach us. This incident happened when I was just 18 years old in train while I was travelling to Kerala.

I know you may think this is fake seeing my age and the girl’s age but this is not a fake story. This story is reguarding me (John) and a girl named (Jenni) both name changed. Starting with the story. My summer vacation had begun and we my mom, grandmom and me we boarded the train from LT terminus in morning. We got our seat, it was a sleeper class, and the train started and reached Thane station the rest of the crowd started entering.

There were 2 ladies and their 2 daughter in the same place and they had the seat in front of us reserved.The train started and our jouney began. The other 2 window seat was still not occupied. I wanted to sit near the window so I sat there. My mom and granny and the other 2 ladies became friendly and started their chit-chat. It was around 11 am now. As I mentioned above there were 2 girls, the younger was sitting with her mom while Jenni came and sat in front of me near the window.

As she sat there she gave me a smile and I also smiled backed at her. She was a pretty looking kerlite girl dark and beautiful.She haden’t reached her puberty yet but for a guy of my age she was beautiful.At 1st I didn’t have any wild thoughts about her. Then I took a chance and asked about her name place etc. We introduced ourself. She said that she is born and brought up in Kerala and came here to visit her cousins for holidays and now going back home. Then we became very friendly.

Then her small sister came and I was playing with her then we 3 were playing mischief.It was lunch time now. We had our lunch.After lunch I again sat in the same place and Jenni also sat in front same place. Our parents were all drowsy and so decided to sleep but I wasn’t sleepy neither Jenni. So we were talking and all, later he foot were near me I just touched it and tickled her under her foot. She started giggling and told me to stop.

After some time I stopped and within seconds she pounced on me and started tickling me, we both were tickling,beating,biting giggling and having mischief. Then we were kind of tired and stopped. I told her I am going up to sleep. She asked me are you sleepy I said not exactly just to lie down and went up. Then after I went up she was sitting in my place and looking out. After some time I told her to come up she asked why I just said come up and she came. She sat there

I told her to lie down and she lied on the inner side facing me and I was facing her. We were just casually talking about our school and friends and I noticed that my cock was excited and slowly geeting harder as her knee was touching my cock, but not intentionally. Then I asked her about her friends and any boys in their list but she said she only has girl friend and no boys in her list.

Then she asked me I told I have only boys as friends as I am in a boy’s school. I then asked her do you have any one special she blushed and said no she asked me and I said no cause I didn’t find anyone as beautiful as you. She was blushing again and smiled again. She covered her face with shyness. I took her hand in mine and asked her do you like me she said as a friend I like you. I was looking at her beautiful dark face with her cheeks full of blush.

Without even telling her I kissed on her left cheeks.She was looking at me and didn’t say anything. Then I kissed on her right cheek, her forhead and as I reached her lips she stopped me, telling this is not right someone might see. I looked down everyone were sleep and told her. But she said no or she will go I said ok I wont kiss you there but don’t go and she stayed.

Then she was sleeping on her back facing upward, I went close to her and put my leg over her and my cock was rubbing on her thigh. I again kissed her on her cheecks and hugged her and slept next to her. She didn’t mind that. I was rubbing my cock and moving my knee near her pussy area. I was touching her smooth face and hand she was biting my finger when I used to touch her lips. It was driving me wild. I was kissing her all around her face her ears and also her neck and from down felling her pussy with my knee.

As she she was not stopping me I knew she was enjoying it. Then I slowly moved my hand down took her tops up and touched her bare stomach.She was enjoying it and she also hugged me. Then I moved my hand down to her pussy area over her jeans felt it

Then while smooching I tried to open her jeans button but it was tight I slowly removed her zip and moved my hand in. As soon as my hand went in she stopped me told me not to do that and turned the other side facing the wall. She closed her zip. I said ok I won’t do that but she did not want to face me so I started pleasuring her from back. We were in side postion and I rubbed my cock on her bulgy soft ass.

I was kissing her on her neck her shoulder her ear and I gave my finger to her to bite. She bite me hard and it made me wild and I bite her slowly on her neck. I once again looked down but all were a sleep. Then I moved my hand on her bare stomach felt her navel hole she loved it. I went up and touched her nipple squeezed it and again played with her stomach. She was moaning slowly “Ahh esssss ahhh essssmm issss mmmm.

We both were enjoying and my cock was enjoying her soft ass. Then again I moved my hand to her pussy and started feeling it over her jeans. We both were sweating and I was licking on her back shoulder and neck biting her and felling her. She just loved it.Suddenly she was so excited she was about to cum. She stopped me,telling she wants to go to toilet to pee I knew she was to cum I told her not to go be here she said she cant bare it and want to go. I could’nt stop her and she went.

I thought she would come up again but she didn’t and went to her seat and slept there. I also needed to jack and so I went to the toilet jacked and came and slept. Everyone woke up in evening. I sat near the same window seat having tea and Jenni woke up went to fresh up and came but didnt sit in front of me.She was sitting in between her aunt and mom. Both our family were chit-chatting.

The small baby girl came to me and she was playing with me.In between I used to look at Jenni but when I looked she looked the other way. We both were felling a kind of embaressed. I didn’t talk to her nor did she come and sit near me. It was 8.00pm and dinner time. Everyone had dinner. At around 9.30pm everyone was ready to sleep. Mom asked me to sleep I told I’ll sleep after sometime.

Jenni was sleeping on the lower birth while I was sleeping on top. Lights were all off by 10.15pm. After some time I went to sleep on top but I couldn’t thinking about afternoon and why Jenni would’nt talk. I wanted to jack. I went to the toilet jacked and came. Jenni was sleeping but I wanted to be next to her. I sat near the window where she was sleeping. I looked at Jenni she was sleeping upside down with her ass facing up.

She had changed her jeans and worn tights I could see her underwear too I slowly touched her ass,they were smooth I squessed it slowly,then I kissed it and came up to sleep. As I was about to sleep I felt something near my feet and as I opened my eyes it was Jenni. I was shocked and also happy to see her as I thought she wouldn’t talk. As she came up I asked what happened she said she couldn’t sleep and wanted to sleep with me.

I agreed. She knew I squeesed her ass and she asked me why you didn’t call I said I thought you didn’t want to talk to me so I didn’t call. She said I didn’t as I was afraid so I asked what now she said everyone is sleeping and don’t think they’ll wake up so soon. She was sleeping on her back facing me and I was on the side facing her. She said what are you looking don’t you love me now I said I love you very much and she said she love me too.

I was soo happy we just started smooching and kissing each other,hugging ,cuddling ,biting etc.

I was on top of her. We were kissing each other so passionately. I was nosing her and kissing her on her neck her chest her shoulder. We were even biting each other which made me wilder and turn me on more. As she was wearing her her thights I could feel her legs and pussy more easily. While kissing and fondling her ass from inside her underwear I made her fell my cock.

I took her hand and made her fell it inside my underwear. She fondled it for sometime. Then I stopped kissing I went down kissed her naval and stomach. She loved it. She was moaning in pleasure “ahhh esss johnnnmmm sssaa”I went near her ears and told her that I am going to make you feel better so please dont shout loud. I gave her an hanki told her to keep it in her mouth when she’ll fell like shouting she laughed and said ok.

I went down removed her thights saw her pussy for the 1st time I touched it it was wet. I started licking it. Her juice was like real fruit juices for me. She was moaning and I was scared somone might hear. I went up and told her to keep quiet. I took the hanki and told her to put inside her mouth and she did.Then I went down again and started smooching her pussy licking it fingering it lightly. I could hear her moans “mmmmmm aammmmm” I went up to her removed her hanki and kissed her a lot.

She told that she loved what I did down and wanted me to do more.But her moans were to loud she pleaded me then I told her to please me too. She asked how I told her to suck my cock too. She first diagreed but then gave into it.We turned to 69 position and I was sucking her pussy and she was sucking mine. She was loving it and me too and she even cummed and when she did she bit on my thighs as she could not scream very badly and lucky not my cock. But now I wanted to fuck her.I licked all her cum and came up to her. She was breathing heavily and smiling and telling I love you John love you so much and all. But the main part was still left.

I told her it’s not over yet there is something still bigger she asked what and I told that I would be fucking her.Then it would be alright she agreed. We were kissing and smooching each other.I removed her tops and mine too now we were fully naked.I kissed her all over her face,neck chest and licked her nipples too.I rubbed her pussy so that it becomes wet and took some spit in my hand lubricated her pussy and my cock.

We kiss alot. Then I spread her leg told her to be quiet,I placed my cock near her pussy and slowly started pushing. I was pushing it slowly. As my 1st quarter entered she moaned in pain ahh its paining.I stopped and waited for few second then I pushed in more and pushed in 1/2 of my cock she was in pain and moaned in pain again. She asked me to stop and I waited again for her. In that state we were kissing and then again

I slowly placed my mouth in her mouth and pushed it in one stroke and she screamed inside my mouth. Her eyes were wide open and tears were dripping due to pain. She eve scratched me on my back and even hit me hard on my back. I stayed in there without moving for few more minutes. She was in tears and crying in my ears due to pain. I consoled her and stopped her from crying and slowly kissed her to calm her down.

After she calmed down I looked at her and said I love you. She to said I love you.I asked can we start and she agreed saying do it slow.I moved my hand under her ass and squeesing it I started my slow moments in and out and she was also moaning in pain in my ears and saying “ahhh mm mm mm ah mmm oh oh ah mm I love you ah ah johnn ah ah slow ahah ah It was turning me on more and more and I started increasing my speed. I was hitting nice and hard in each stroke.

I asked do you like it she said “yes ahahah ahah ah ah ah mmmmm” and I said do you want more she said “aa mmmm aahah mm yesss mm”and I started hitting her hard in each and every stroke,and after sometime it was time for me to cum. I looked at her once more said I love u she too replied the same. I said I am going to cum and inside her she said ok. I smooch her and started hitting her fast, I reached climax I bit her on her neck and she also bit me in return hard and I cummed inside her. I collapsed on her and we were breathing heavily. Then after getting our breath back I slowly kissed her cheeks and removed my cock out of her wet pussy. We slept there for sometime,then started wearing our dress. I cleaned her pussy and my cock with the hankerchief which I gave her.

I cleaned her blood stains and all our juices. She said she was in pain. I said it would be fine after few hours. Then we went to the toilet freshnd up and came back. She couldn’t walk properly due to her 1st loving fuck.Before coming I kissed her again since it was my last kiss with her. She went to sleep and I also slept. After a few hours I was woken up by my mom as our station was coming at around 6:30 am.

I wanted to call Jenni but didn’t know how my parents would react. Her mom had woken up also. I wanted to say her goodbye but could not. I do miss that. If Jenni (the real name girl) is reading this story.

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Bus Adventure With Bestfriend

Hey guys, this is my first stroy so please forgive me for any mistakes. My name is Shaam I’m 6 feet tall, fair with a slim body structure. The incident happened a year ago with my best friend Appy, she is 5 feet 5 in approx and has small tits but a perfect round ass and pure white body. We are very good friends and hugging and pecking on the cheeks never felt awkard. We used to sit together in the bus while coming back from college.

We used to be very tired by our daily activities so we generally sleep in the bus one day I wasn’t able to sleep but my head was on her shoulders (her hair smelt great) and my hand slid over her boobs as the road was uneven oh my! It was the first time I pressed someones boobs so perfectly. They were so soft that even a paper would bounce back then slowly and suddenly I slide my hands between us and it reached between our thighs as she was wearing a short skirt.

I touched her bare thighs they were so creamy I can’t get my hands off. I tried moving my hand up with the bus movement as I didn’t want to get caught only this much happened and her stop came. She woke me up, as my stop was next and she slapped me. I asked her why did she slap to which she said you look cute sleeping. I was happy to hear that and I went home and masturbated thinking of her boobs and thighs as we were very close,

I called her up to my home for a movie as I was home alone that evening. She came in a sexy black one piece. I asked her the reason behind her dressing that way to which she said it was random. I was happy to see that and I kept my hand loose so that they touched her assets when we passed each other then i started a girly movie and we both sat on the couch. The movie was boring for me so i started working my way to her pants by adjusting my head over her shoulder.

She looked at me and smiled she held my arm and loosened it such that her hand was just above my dick. I controlled it. Then the girl started to kiss in the movie to which I had a boner which touched her hand. I acted as if nothing happened and she dint move her hand. My dick was hurting a lot as it wanted to be free from the trap. I then planted a kiss on her neck and moved myself as if I was adjusting my self, she said,”I know what you are up to!

I was expecting this but I waited for her response. Then she said that if you really want to do this, then let’s not wait. I heard this and planted a kiss on her extra soft lips and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and jumped over her removing my shirt, she kissed my chest and rolled her tongue all over. It was the best feeling till now (I never expected there was more to come) I pulled her out of her dress and saw her pink lingerie contrasting to her white body.

I licked her navel and finally started pressing her boobs suddenly she pushed me on the side I was amazed. Then she pulled down my shorts and took my dick in her hand this was so cool. I had never seen my dick so large before she looked me in my eyes and I just smiled. She started sucking my dick then like I had seen in the best porn ever. I came in no more that 5 minutes on her face, she smiled at me and asked her to return the favor so

I snatched her panties off, popped her bra out and started to lick her pussy it was all I had ever dreamt of, it didn’t taste good but I was happy to do it then she released her juices all over me which she later licked from my face and swalloed. We kissed for a long time, exploring our bodies and mouths. By which my dick stood again. She was happy to see it and whispered in my ear, “fuck me baby” I was on seventh cloud hearing that.

I sat over her belly, held my dick and directed to her pussy. She took hold on my hand and pushed it inside. She screamed like hell which worried me, but I continued knowing she was a virgin and I had to break the hymen to move any further so I started pushing harder and harder and finally I was through. She was moaning aaaahhhhhhhhh, fuck me baby, fuck your little doll, I know you love my tits aahhhhh fuck your little whore.

I kept on fucking her until I felt like cumming. I took my dick out and inserted it in her mouth forcefully to which she nearly choked. I came in her mouth and she had tears in her eyes she was looking so fucking beautiful. I kissed her again and then we cleaned each other and dressed up we then completed the movie and she left after giving me a blowjob.

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Me And My Friend’s Wife Anita

Hello friends, this is Aditya from Delhi a well built smart guy with hairy chest 31 year old married. I got married about three years back. I am having great sex life and love my life. This is my first story, so please do not mind if I make any mistake.

Let us come to the story now. After one years of marriage to keep ourselves fit, me and my wife Anjali joined aerobics classes at the most high class gym near my home. I used to do aerobics before my marriage and light exercises to keep my body toned. So, I am quite trained in aerobics. A lot of girls used to come to aerobics class which was trying for modeling career in that gym. Also there were couples in the class to keep them fit and active.

I was more interested in aerobics as I really used to enjoy the movement of boobs and sexy ass of females while they used to make moves on beats of the music. Sometimes, I used to get so much excited seeing those moving boobs and ass that it used to become difficult to hide my hard on under my tracks. The real story begins when a newly married couple joined our class. It was Raj and Anita 28-30 yrs old. Raj was smart and Anita was sexy.

They both were new to aerobics. Let me describe Anita, she was sex bomb with perfectly shaped boobs her stats was 34-28-36. I love small and tight boobs and she was perfectly my fantasy girl. Luckily this couple could not match up with the class so our coach gave me the job to take care to train the couple as she (coach) has to keep watch on the whole class. Slowly, me, my wife Raj and Anita became friends.

Whenever I used to see Anita moving her ass and boobs in aerobics it became very difficult to hide my bulge from tracks. Sometimes, I used to touch her accidentally in class but she never said anything. But, I was afraid of moving ahead as I was afraid of my wife and I do not wanted to spoil my image in eyes of Raj and Anita as I was afraid if she might say no or could resist.

But, I could feel that Anita was getting frank with me day by day and also I felt that she used to behave innocently in front of my wife but she used to tease me whenever we were alone showing that things were accidental. We both the couples started going to market, movies and started spending holidays together.

We went to a store to buy some clothes. She liked some leggings for herself and she went to change room for a try. Luckily, I was roaming near the try room and Raj and my wife were busy looking at some other stuff. She came out wearing new leggings and a top on it covering her ass till her knees.

She asked me Kaisa hai” (How’s the fit?) I said neeche se to achchha dikta hai par oopar se bina dekhe main kaise bata sakta hoon” getting a little naughty also I wanted to see her reaction.

She smiled and said naughtily “ koi baat nahin main top utha deti hoon neeche se bhi dekh lo” and she lifted her top and my god I could see her full perfectly shaped ass covered by those leggings and I could see her outlining of her pussy lips as it was very tight and body hugging . I could not believe my eyes. I felt like fucking her then and there. But, I controlled myself.

I said bahut sundar hai aur tumhari perfectly shaped body par jata hai. Then she said okay main ise le leti hoon. She returned to the change room but, my blood started boiling and there was a bulge in my pants and even I started sweating. In the mean time Anita came from the changing room and my wife came and my wife asked why u sweating so much. I said nothing and Anita also behaved normally as if nothing has happened.

After this incident days passed and we behaved like good and decent friends. There was a dance party in the city and my friend was organizing it and he gave me passes for two couple. When I told them, to go for dance party both of them really got excited as Anita was crazy for dance on Bollywood numbers. But, Raj got in fever on that day. As Anita was excited to go there, Raj forced her to go with us and enjoy the party and he will take care of himself.

We went to their house to pick up Anita. When she came out in that western I could not believe my eyes. She was looking damn gorgeous, sex goddess. I got instant reaction between my legs. She said hello to us and got seated in the back seat of the car. She was wearing low neck and she put on a perfume which was making me crazy. I thought if my wife was not here I would have fucked her right now.

But, you know the image of decency stopped me. Then we reached the place and entered the party place. Slowly, I started taking beer and both the ladies take soft drinks. After some time the party came on full swing and it was very much over crowded and the music was playing high and I was also feeling high after taking some drinks. We all three also started dancing.

Anita and my wife were really enjoying dancing and I was enjoying every movement of Anita and her boobs were peeking out of her low neck. After sometime my wife gone naughty and started dancing with me by rubbing sometimes her ass and sometime her boobs on me. I got excited and I also hold her and placed my dick between her ass crack and keep on dancing. I also used to touch Anita whenever I got chance on her ass and other parts of body as the place was very much overcrowded and she used to respond with smile.

Anita was also enjoying as she also co-operated me in touch her at places. But, my wife could not get the hint of it. After sometime my wife feel like going to washroom to pee. She left and I and Anita were left alone. Now, I started taking liberties and I was a little high. First I hold her hand and started dancing with her. She said nothing. Then I hold her in such a manner that I my hands were very near to her boobs and I placed my crotch between her hips.

But, she danced in that pose for a minute then moved herself away. I was not able to judge her behavior. As it was overcrowded I could get the liberties to touch her on hips, boobs, her tummy. She did excellent dance with me. My cock was trying to tear my jeans and come out. Like this I enjoyed her body for ten minutes. But, everything was happening in a hidden manner and nothing was open.

I knew she was enjoying and she knew I was enjoying but, both were trying to act innocent. After sometime my wife came back and we all danced for some more and then got back home. We all four made a plan to go to Goa.We packed our bags and reached to the sands of Goa.Now, we all guys became really frank. As we left from airport of Goa, there came across a lot of bikini cladded foreigners. My eyes were on them, my wife said naughtily “Kya dekh rahe ho”

I said “Darling is foreigners ko dekh raha hoon”

Raj said “Bhabhi ise control main rakho nahin to nikal jayega”

All started laughing and Anita said “ kyun bhabhi hum in foreigners se zyada sexy hain”

Then we reached to hotel and our room was resort type. There were two bed rooms and one common room or you can say sitting room in that. We both couple settled our room and took rest for two hours. Then we planned to go the beaches.

I wore a pair of shorts, my wife was wearing Capri & top and Anita was wearing a tight short white top and those leggings which she purchased from that shop. The leggings were so much tight that you can see outlining of her pussy lips, Hum log beach par pahunch gaye. Wahan pahunch kar meri to aankhen dekhti hi reh gayin bahut sari foreigners topless leti hui thi and kuchh ghoom rahi thi.

Main aur Raj foreigners ko paglon ko dekhte rahe. Humne Anjali aur Anita ko wahan rahne ko kaha aur hum donon ghoomne chale gaye. My and Raj’s tool was trying to come out of our shorts. We roam around for half an hour taking tonic of small/big tits of foreigners and came back. Jab hum wapas aye to dekhte reh gaye. Meri wife aur Anita wahan beach par topless lete hue the, in full sunlight. Oh my god kya boobs the Anita ke main to dkhta hi reh gaya.

Raj bola “yeh kya hai”

Anita said “yeh wohi hai jise dekhne ke liye tum log bahar bhatak rahe ho”

My wife was also looking awesome, as I have never seen her in such a bold pose and attitude. Mera man hua ki Anita ko pakad kar wahin fuck kar doon. And Raj was also enjoying the glimpse of my wife’s boobs.

Then we all laughed and me and Raj lowered our shorts and took off our T-shirts and entered the water to have fun and enjoy. Wahan maine Anita ke boobs ko khoob nihara and Raj ke Anjali ke boobs ka maza le raha tha. Hum donon ke briefs ko dekh kar koi bhi bata sakta tha ki hamare dicks ka kya hal hai.

Phir maine Anjali ke pas gaya woh pani ke ander khadi maza kar rahi thi maine use pakda aur pani main dal diya aur uski panty main hath dal kar maza lene laga kyunki pani ke ander koi dekh nahin sakta tha. Mujhse control hi nahin ho raha tha. Aur Anjali bhi mere dick ko oopar se sehlane lagi. Main kabhi kabhi uske boobs ko bhi daba deta. Udhar Raj to itna pagal ho gaya usne wahin letkar Anita se body massage karana shuru kar diya. Yeh dekh mera aur bhi zyada khada ho gaya. Main sochne laga kash Raj ki jagah main wahan hota to maza a jata.

Now, I made firm idea to fuck Anita. Maine socha jo hoga so dekha jayega. Main mauka dekhte hi Anita ke sath sex karoonga. Jab mujhse control nahin hua to maine kaha “Chalo hotel wapis chalte hain”

To Anita Boli “Aap donon ko hotel ke room ki zyada zaroorat hai, aap joa hum baad main ayenge” aur hansne lagi, Humne taxi pakdi aur hotel par wapis a gaye. My wife was also very sexcited. Mujhe to taxi main bhi sabra nahin ho raha tha. But, Anjali stopped me from doing anything. Jaise hi hum apne room main enter hue, maine apne shorts utar diye and apni wife ko apni taraf khich liya.

She said “Thoda to wait karo, tum Anita ke boobs ko kaise ghoor rahe the”

I said “Tum toh Anita se bhi zyada sexy lag rahi thi aur Raj bhi to yumhare boobs ko ghoore ja raha tha”

She said “maine to apne bra tumhare liye utari thi”

I said “lekin aur log to tumhare boobs dekhkar pagal ho rahe the, par kapde utarne ka kiska idea tha”

She said “Anita ne mujhko bola, ki in logon ko hum dikhate hain ki hum kya cheese hain aur foreigners se bhi zyada sexy aur bold hain, toh mujhe bhi excitement hua, kyunki maine kabhi zindagi main nahin socha tha ki main aise public place main kabhi topless hokar ghoomoonge.”

Aur puchha “tumhen maza aya”

I said “main to excitement main pagal hi ho gaya tha, agar who public place nahin hoti to main tumhen wahin fuck kar deta”

Yeh kehkar maine apni wife ka top utar diya aur boobs suck karne laga. Usne mera brief neeche kar diya aur pahle mere dick, jo ki 8” bada hai excitement main 9” ka ho gaya tha, ko apne hath se sehlane lagi. Main ekdum out of control ho raha tha. Maine uske honth suck karne laga. Who aaahhhh karne lagi. Uske nipples ekdum hard ho rahe the. Phir usne mera dick apne munh main le liya aur suck karne lagee.

Pata nahin mujhe itna excitement kabhi nahin hua tha pahle. Phir maine uske honth suck karne laga dhire dhire main uski pussy tak pahuncha. To dekha who itni wet pahle kabhi nahin hui the. Maine apni ungali se uske pussy lips ko parting ki aur jeebh se chatne laga. Usne zara sa touch karne par itna juice nikala main to dekhta reh gaya aur who zor se moan karne lagi. I bet, agar koi room ke bahar khada hota to use meri wife ki moaning ki awaaz khoob sunai deti.

After sometime she lost her control and shouted “Please fuck me I cant control myself” Maine use bed par seedha litaya aur apne dick uske pussy par rakh diya. Mujhe aisa laga jaise maine kisi heater par apne dick rakha hai. Main dheere se use push karne laga toh Anjali se apne poore zoron se hips uthaye aur pura dick ander kar liya. Maine socha ise thoda sa tadpaya jaye, toh maine apna dick nikal kar thoda so ander kar dheere dheere hilane laga.

She shouted “Please mujhe mat satao aaahhhhhoooooohhh please fuck me hard” Then I inserted my dick with full strength and it was fully inside her in one stroke. She started shouting and moaning loudly oooaaaahhaaaaaa please do it fast. Mujhe use teases karne main bahut maza a raha tha. Then I was also out of control and started giving her faast strokes she was moving her hips in rhythm with me. After ten minutes of fucking she said that she is cumming

I was also ready to shoot and finally we both came together and my god the whole bed sheet was wet with her juices and my cum. What a relief man I can’t tell you I think I was never so much excited in my life. Phir hum panch minute bahon main bahen dal kar lete rahe and then I got up. Put on my shorts and opened the room of the door and went outside.Oh my Raj and Anita were sitting in the sitting room as in hurry we forgot to lock the sitting room door.

They started giggling at me . I understood that they have heard the noises of our love making. Immediately Anita said “Main ander jaker Anjali ko help karti hoon I was worried that the whole bed sheet is wet and she will see if she goes inside. But, till I would have uttered a word to stop her, she right away went to the room and I could hear the conversation between my wife and Anita

Anita “ Are Anjali yeh bed sheet kaise intni geeli (wet) ho gayi”

Anjali started making excuses and said “kuchh nahin yaar Aditya bathroom se nahakar nikle aur seedha bed par late gaye isliye geeli ho gayee”Anita said “ main samajhti hoon, bahut ganda bachcha hai Aditya theek se nahin karta sara bed par pani pani nikal diya hai” and started laughing. She continued “Anjali tumhen kuchh hua kya tumhari bahar awaaz a rahi thi? Anjali said “chup ho ja idiot” and both females started laughing.

Then I called the waiter to change the bed sheet. There was swimming pool in the hotel and I could see some topless foreigners sitting there. I and my wife went to the pool side to enjoy. There I ordered beer and started enjoying the show. After sometime I remember that I have forgotten my cell phone in the room.

So, I asked Anjali to sit there and ran to room to collect my cell phone. But, as I entered the sitting room, I heard moaning sounds from the room of Raj and Anita. I went near their room and luckily saw that the curtain of window is a little parted and window is open. But, the view was not very clear but I could see both were lying on bed fully nude. But I could hear their conversation.

Raj said “Anita tum wahan beach par topless kyun ho gayi thi, Aur tumne Aditya ko dekha who apni wife ki jagah tumhare boobs ko kaise ghoor raha tha.”

Anita said “Apni wife ke to woh rozana dekhta hai mere boobs to use aaj hi dekhne ko mile the. Tum bhi to jakar wahan nangi foreigners aur Anjali ke boobs ko dekh rahe the aur agar kuchh der hum wahan beach par ruk jate to tum donon ki undies to phat hi jati”

Raj said “tum Raj ki undies main kya dekh rahi thi”

Anita said “jot um Anjali ki panty main jhankne ki koshish kar rahe thi ahaha”

Raj said “lekin darling panty to main tumhari utar raha hoon.

Anita said tauntingly “koi baat nahin tum Anjali ki panty utar lena main Raj ka under wear utar loongi. I understood that Raj was serious but Anita was in jolly mood she changed the topic and said “batao na tumhen mere boobs zyada achchhe lage ya Anjali ke”

I understood that as females nature she wanted Raj to appraise her body and figure, but he said nothing and started making love to her. I could not see the things clearly due to darkness in the room, but I was enjoying the live sex of the couple. After two three minutes of fore play, Raj got over Anita and inserted his dick in her pussy and started stroking and finished after few strokes and laid on side.

Now, it was clear to me that Anita is a lady who wants to explore sex but Raj is not able to satisfy her urge fully. Also, now I understood that I am the dumbest person on earth that Anita was giving so many hints but I did not cash them. Now, I made my firm idea to fuck her because she needs some exploring dick to satisfy her. This idea again gave me erection. I collected my cell phone from the room and reached to the pool.

Now I started making plans How to fuck Anita, because I do not want either Raj or my wife to come to know about my plans. There came a call on my room phone and the manager told me that a day after the hotel is throwing dine, wine and dance party which will continue till late night with some nominal charges. I immediately said Ok and thanked God really to help me.

I told the guys about the party and as per my thinking Anita screamed with excitement for the party.

I know she was very fond of dancing and I also saw a change in Anita that she was getting bolder and bolder in Goa. So, next day keeping everything in mind as per my plans, we came back from beaches in noon so that we can rest. I knew that my wife don’t sleep in noon but I have to wake up for whole night, so I went to bed and got up at around six en evening. Then we took some evening coffee and started to get ready for party.

I went to bathroom and trimmed my hairs to make my tool to win the battle at night. I wore thin fabric trouser and a brief so that if needed I could take it out from side under my pants and a see through shirt to expose my chest and upper part of body. Then I put a very appealing perfume on my body. My wife wore a low waist jeans and a short tight top with low neck. She was also looking damn sexy. We got ready and were waiting for Raj and Anita to come.

Oh my God the door opened and Anita came with mini skirt and a white top. She was looking sex goddess. Her smooth thighs were inviting and her small tight boobs behind her top were looking awesome. She smelled like heaven. I could not take my eyes off her. Then came Raj and we all moved to the party place at about 10’ O clock.

We reached the party place. It was nice place muzik was on and the people were enjoying drinks and the females were really sexy all over. There was a dance floor there and few people were dancing. We took our seat and ordered some light drinks for me and Raj and ladies took juices. Main aur Anjali ek sat par baithe the aur hamare samne Raj and Anita baithe the.

Main Anita ki skirt ke ander jhankne ki koshish kar raha tha, but Anita ne skirt main apne parts ko chhupa kar rakha tha. According to my plan, I was ordering Patiala pegs for Raj and I was taking light drinks. Thodi der ke baad mujhe suroor ane laga. I was surprised that now Anita has strated opening her legs whenever I used to see through hr mini skirts. Mujhe uski inner thighs dikh rahi thin. Wow man they were so smooth that I cant express. Thodi der baad Anita aur Anjali dance karne chali gayin.

Main Raj ko zyada pila raha tha aur knud bahut light drinks le raha tha. Dhere dhere Raj ko over drinking ho gayee. Maine Anita ko bulaya use sambhalne ke liye. But, Raj being a darling husband asked to drop him to room and asked to continue and enjoy and he don’t want to spoil our fun. He never knew that his wife is going to be screwed by his friend today. I took him to the room and he slept on his bed. I came back.

Ab tak party full swing par a chuki thi and the time was aroung 11.30. Maine dekhs Anjali aur Anita dance karne main buzy thi. Main unke pass gaya aur dance karne laga. Anita bahut achchha dance karti thi. I was really enjoying the dance and view of Anita. After sometime my wife got tired and she came back on her seat. I kept on dancing with Anita but like a decent guy as my wife was watching us. Then after sometime I reached to Anjali and asked her to join me for dance.

She said “darling main bahuk thak gayi hoon, mujhe dance nahin karna

I said “Tumhare bina maza nahin a raha aur music bahut mast baj raha hai aur main dance karna chahta hoon”

She said “aisa karo main room par ja rahi hoon, jab tum log ka ho jay to a jana”

I asked Anita “Hey Anita, Anjali room par ja rahi hai, tumko rukna hai ya jana hai”. I know Anita is not going to say no as she is very fond of dancing.

Anita Said “Anjali tum jao, main tumhar pati ko doosri ladkiyan se bacha kar wapis le aungi” and both started laughing and Anjali left.

Now, I was in heaven as everything was going as per my plans. Now, I cant wait and went ahead with my plans. Main Anita ko dance floor par le gaya aur uske sath dance karne laga. Pahle to thoda door wala dance kiya, phir maine uska hath pakad liya aur dance karne laga. She said nothing, phir maine uske hips par ek hath rakha aur dance karte hue dheere se sehlane laga. Ab mujh par sex ka nasha chhane laga.

Maine use pakda aur chipak kar dance karne laga. Maine apne crotch uski ass ke crack main laga diya aur uski thighs par hath lejaker sehlane laga. Who bhi apni ass ko mere crotch par lagakar maza lene lagi. Mera tool to kapde fadkar uski ass cracks ke beech main jane ki koshish kar raha tha. Who bhi use apne ass se daba saba kar maza le rahi thi. Main bathroom main gaya aur wahan jaker manine apne dick ko apni brief ko side karke bahar nikal lita aur anpni thin fabric ki pant pehan li.

Now, I want her to feel my dick between her ass crack through my thin fabric of pant and nothing else. Jab main wapis pahuncha to mine dekha ki Anita seat par baithi hai. Main uske samne jaker baith gaya. Maine jaise hi uski tangon ke beech main dekha usne apne per faila diye aur hansne lagi . Oh my god, mujhe uski panty dikhi, meri to sans oopar neeche ho gayi. Ab main samajh gaya ki who bhi garm ho chuki hai. Par main use aur garm karna chahta tha.

Main use dance floor par le gaya aur use pakad kar maine uski ass per apne crotch rakh diya aur uska pet pakad kar dance karne laga. Who samajh gayi ki mera dick ab meri briefs ke bahar hai aur pant ke ander hai. Who bhi apne hips hila kar maza lene lagi. Main dheere se apne hands ko oopar lane laga aur uske boobs ke neeche laker dheere dheere sehlane laga. Ab uski sansen ukhadne lagin. Main toh pagal hua jar aha tha.

Phir dheere dheere main apne hath neeche le aya aur uski skirt ke neeche se uski inner thighs so sehlane laga. Who ekdum excited ho gayee aur boli “Aditya yahan se chalo Main darr gaya kahin wapis chalne ki to nahin keh rahi. Maine darte hue puchha “kahan chalogi” Woh boli “kahin bhi”. Toh meri sans main sans ayi. Then she said “Aditya do something we cant go back to room, your wife and my hubby both are there wahan kuchh nahin ho sakta”

Getting a little naughtier I asked innocently “wahan kya nahin ho sakta, She said “ I will kill you” and then I asked her to wait there for a moment and I patao one waiter to open one room for two hours and gave him tip for that and he arranged one room. I took her to the room and bolted the door. Now I was in heaven. The sex goddess was in front of me ready to be loved fucked screwed and to do anything else. She was standing there greedy for sex. I made her sit of bed and put my lips on her lips and started smooch her.

She gave me the best and hottest smooch of my life. While kissing her my hands were moving all over her body. Her skin was so smooth and hot that my tool was trying to tear my pants. But, I was not in hurry as I wanted to give her full masti which she can remember her whole life. Then, I slowly started caressing her nipples from her top. Her nipples were so hard and trying to come out through the fabric. I slowly unbuttoned her top and now there she was in her bra but, I could not control looking at those hard nipples and removed her bra immediately.

My!, the boobs which I was trying to suck for such a long period were in front of me begging to be sucked. I started sucking her boobs and she started moaning and she undressed my shirt and started playing my nipples. I was in heaven. Slowly my tongue went down and I started encirciling her navel area. She was high on excitement. My both hands were squeezing her boobs and my tongue was taking care of her navel.

Now, I saw that she has become so much wet that some juices were flowing out on her thighs. Now I was really getting mad, I took off her skirt and started massaging her pussy from her panties to tease her. She could not control and removed my trousers and briefs and hold my dick in her hand. I really enjoyed her touch on my dick. She said “ab ise utar do, plz” I want your hands inside. I slowly put both my thumbs on the hem of her panties and slid it down and removed it.

Oh my! What a pussy man. It was clean shaved with pink lips looking as if it was untouched and juices were leaking from every part of her pussy. I asked “tum ise maintain kaise karti ho”. She smiled and said “sharm se gulabi ho gayi hai, ab baatein hi karte rahoge ya kuchh karoge”. I opened the pink lips of her pussy with my fingers and it was shining red inside. I laid her on the bed and put my tongue on it and started encirciling the pussy lips. She was moaning loudly aaaahhhhh.

Then she searched for my dick and we came into 69 position. She made the foreskin of my dick back and the head of my dick was shining red with the luster of my precum. She was sucking me and I was sucking her. After doing sixty nine for fifteen minutes she became out of control and started begging me to fuck her.

I asked “tumne kabhi doggy style main kiya hai”

She said “mera hubby to bilkul bhi exploring nahin hain. Bus sex karte hain aur so jate hain”

I said “main tumhen sex ka poora maza dilaoonga”

And I made her stand on her knees. I put myforehead of my dick on her pussy hole from behind. I inserted only half a inch and started teasing her. She again begged “plz poora ander dalo na” then I slowly inserted half of my 8” dick. Her pussy was real tight. Her juices were dripping wet and were flowing out of her pussy. I slowly pushed a little harder and my whole tool was inside her hole. She was so much excited that she started moving her ass to and fro.

I took my hands on her boobs and started pinching her nipples and started stroking her. She was shouting in excitement “plz karo na karo na” After stroking her for five minutes, I laid her down on the bed and now I knew that she cant wait anymore, I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started stroking her harder. Slowly, now I was also getting out of control and then I increased my rhythm and she also started moving her hips with me.

She said “jaldi jaldi karo” her words were giving more and more energy to me. I said “darling am cuming”. She said “pls cum inside me I am on pills” After some more strokes my juices started flowing out and I emptied my whole cum in her hole. When I saw down there it was full of mixture of her juices and my semen. It was the best sex of my life and I was feeling very much relieved. After relaxing for five minutes, I kissed her again on her lips and said “Anita ab tak tum kahan thi”

She said “Aditya main to bahut din se tumhare sath karna chahti thi par tumne kabhi propose hi nahin kiya”

I sad “Mujhe dar lagta tha kahin tum naraz na ho jao aur meri wife ko bata do”

She said “pahle maine tumhen apni pussy store main dikhai thi jan boojh kar par tumne fir bhi kuchh nahin kiya, phir tumne swimming main mere sath maza kiya, but tum bahut darpok ho”

She continued “phir maine tumhen seduce karne ke liye Anjali ko beach par topless karne ke liye bola, jisse ki tum kuchh age karo aur finally I won” and she started laughing.

I said “am really sorry yaar” but we will keep enjoying and she said OK. Then I saw it was aroung 5 in the morning. We dressed and came back to our room. My wife was lying on bed in such a position that I felt she might have done sex with Raj, but I was not sure about it. Then we returned to Delhi and after three months company of Raj transferred he to Mumbai for job and it was my most rememberable sex

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Watching My Horny Wife Mita

Hi, this is Manoj, aged 32 & my wife is Mita aged 28 and this is the story of my neighbor Mr. Vikas. One day I meet him in the garden and as we were talking I asked him about his wife who was pregnant and he told she has gone to her mom’s home for delivery for past 3 month’s and I asked then how do you have sex and he told it has been 3 month’s not having sex as he don’t go anywhere because of the diseases.

I came home and was thinking of him as my wife Mita asked me and I told about Vikas and I told her I want to see her with him and she was ready. Vikas is a tall man around 30, little slim but with a good presence and a nice gentle man. Mita is a sexy lady of 28 in age with a nice figure of 36d-28-38 and a sexy nice saggy boobs and a bumping round ass with a sexy smile which makes all the men ready to fuck her.

She wear saree below navel and with the sleeveless blouse open from behind with just 2 ropes and her full back is seen in that and her silky net saree in which her boobs and ass looks damn sexy and her full figure is seen completely and all men have a good look wherever we go at her.

So the next day I again met him and I told him I arranged a party to him and a nice lady is there listening this he was very eager and told he will be coming so I called him at night at my home and he asked if Mita comes I told she has gone out and at night the door bell rang and Vikas was present I made him sit in the hall and opened the beer and I put off all the light just one bulb was there and as we were drinking he asked me where is the lady and I told him to wait.

After having 4 beers we were now little tight I signaled in the bed room and a lady came wearing a saree shirt and deep cut sleeveless blouse. Her face was covered with a hanky and as she came to the hall I played the music and she began stripping in front of us at first she removed her saree and threw it on Vikas and he started smelling it and then she removed her blouse and petticoat and now she was in her bra and she was now stripping close to Vikas and he was now touching her body and boobs , now she was in just bra and panty and he started kissing her boobs and licking her legs now

He wanted to kiss her mouth so he told her to remove the hanky from her face and as she removed it he was stunned to see that she was Mita who was stripping in front of him and as he looked at me I told him to enjoy her and now he started kissing her lips and he took off the bra and panty and put his finger in the cunt and was licking her boobs I was seeing all this very interestingly and he now started pressing her boobs and her big ass and kissing her and it went for around 20 minutes.

Later he stood up and Mita removed his pant and undy and a good giant cork was out she then pressed it with her hand and started stroking it Vikas was in full pleasure and he closed his eyes and now Mita put some honey in his cork and started licking it and she licked it from up to down then she started kissing it and she started moving his cork skin up and down

Vikas was telling “ahahahohohohohufufufuahahha” then Mita put her tongue in the cork’s middle hole and put some milk in it and sucked it and as she was sucking. Vikas was now moving and giving a stroke in her mouth and his full cork was in her mouth and she was too taking it nicely he was making it in and out

Mita was sucking hard and then she removed it and started moving it with her hand and now as it was he was going to cum he was telling “come on fast stroke hard take it in your mouth” and Mita took it inside again and he was moving his cork in and out and telling “wow what a sexy sucking this is darling I had not got like this suck before I love you and your mouth. Come on take my load “ohohohoahahahieieiioaoaoaoaaooaaoieie I am going to cum suck hard take it in come on hard, lick it, take it, suck it hafuhahahohfuufufuieiei” and now

Mita was telling “come on dear give your load in my mouth I want to drink it I want you’re cum thick cum of 3 months I want to drink it. I want all in my body come on give it, blast it in my face and in my mouth give it uccucuuou” and as she was telling Vikas took his cock in his hand and Mita opened the mouth and a blast of cum came from his cork and it fully splattered all over her face and in her mouth and she took it in her mouth and licked all from his cock till the last drop and then gathered all his cum from her face and applied all over her body and kissed his cock and Vikas now fell in the bed saying “you are very sexy I enjoyed my 3 months sex in one day ououoo.

Now as he laid down I started kissing her and I gave my big fatty cock in her mouth and she was sucking it seeing this Vikas got up and he told her to sit like a dog and he applied honey in her ass and now gave his cock in Mita’s hand

And she stroked it till it became tight and now he moved behind and put his giant cock in her ass as it went she told “wow oh hhahahahha put it in fully in give me a hard stroke fuck my ass come on fuck hard and harder Vikas, fuck it fully put it inside “and hearing this he now started fucking her hard and all his cock was in her ass hole and he was telling “good ass darling wow what a sweet nice to fuck it good hole it is very sexy

I love your ass hole and u r taking it very nicely take it ufufufufhhah come on take it aaaaaaaha and as I was seeing it my cum came out and she took it in her mouth and seeing this Vikas cum was also to come and he was now saying “ahahah take my cum it is comings come on Mita move up take it in your empty dried ass make it wet ahahhahaaha” and Mita was saying give it make it wet it is dried for months

I had not got like this hard cork in my ass come on ahoaoaoaoa hard fast hard fuck my ass oaoaoaoieieieieiufuufufum” and now Vikas cum was seen coming out and it went straight in her ass and it was filled with all his thick cum and Mita and Vikas cried together umumuaooaoa” and he sat in the bed and told me your lucky to have such a sexy wife and I told u can be also lucky come on take her she is all your’s and he told thanks and gave Mita a nice lips kiss and they fall in the bed.

I wanted to see more so again I started licking her cunt and she was telling “ahahahoiho” hearing this Vikas stood up and he took her legs up and put his cock inside her cunt and he was fucking her hard and I too moved up and I slept under her putting my cork in her wet ass and she was sandwiched between us and we both were fucking her from front and back and she was saying “ahahahufaooaahahha come on ahaufuufuohoo

Vikas fill my hairy cunt with your thick cum put it inside my cunt ahahahhoohohooh fuck me hard Vikas fuck me fast “and Vikas now shouted “ahahahahofofofohooohoh take it, it is coming take it oaoaooaoho” and his cum came out together with mine in her cunt and ass and both her hole’s was filled with our cum and she said “ahahahoohmuieiieieieouuo and we 3 of them stood up and we went to the bathroom for wash.

As we were having the bath together we cleaned ourselves Vikas now took Mita under the shower and he started licking her cunt and she was sucking my cock I gave my cork in her mouth and then Vikas was licking her cunt and I was putting my tongue in her ass as it was the 4th time so our cum was taking time to come but as she was sucking and moving my cork I came and it was all over her face and Vikas made her to sit down and as she was stroking his cork his cum too came out and it was all over her mouth and in the face and in her hairy arm pit and it was the largest cum came during the all time fuck and Mita again licked it and nicely washed his cork with her own hand and later we came out and Vikas left to his house being fully satisfied.

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My Friend’s Wife Is Mine

Hi Friends, this is Rahul from Kerala. I’m a Engineering graduate now working in an IT firm. I am not that kind of person who can narrate anything well. But I decided to share my experience here. I am an average person. I had a friend Nishad.

Though we were of different age group, there was a good friendship among us. He is 4 years older than me. He had an affair with one of his relative. She was studying in my school in 12th while I was in my 10th standard. They had used to seek my help for communicating as their parents didn’t like their relation.

But they had used to meet at any of our friends place when there was no one else there and I had used to stay out side as a guard. Later he went abroad and her family shifted from there. After 3 years I was staying in my hostel as a B.Tech student at Ernakulam.

One day I received a call in my mobile from an unknown number. To my surprise it was him. He told me that he is coming for leave and would be arriving at Nedumbaseri airport (at Ernakulam itself) I should be there to receive him and should arrange a car also.

I agreed and reached there with my friend’s car on the date and picked him. He asked me to drive him to some bar hotel. In the hotel room we started chatting while having drinks. He told me that he had been in contact with his lover through phone and their parents are still not agreeing for their marriage. So they had decided to register marriage and needed my help. I readily agreed and he asked me to search out a rent house for them.

With lots of friends it was easy for me and arranged a flat for them and they registered the marriage and started living together in the flat. Their parents were not ready to accept them even after the marriage. So the one and only friend for them was me. Their flat was near my college and I had been their usual visitor. After 4 months his leave was over and he had to return. He asked me to be there for any help for her. And I agreed with pleasure. She had got a job there in private company as accountant.

Two weeks after he had left, one Saturday morning I received a call from her. She asked me to meet her at her flat and I reached there in my bike. I found her dressed in a nice saree and she asked me to come with her to meet a doctor. I took her to a street where lots of doctors were living in my bike. There we consulted a lady doctor. Doctor after checkup came to me and congratulated me. I was in a surprise that what is going on!

Doctor told me that am going to be a father. Hearing this turned to her and she signaled me not to tell anything. Doctor then gave us the prescription and some advices about the practices during period of pregnancy and then told me not to disturb her for at least 2 months and then we can have sex. When we came out of the consulting room and she was smiling at me. I was embraced hearing all those. We came back to her flat and called him to inform this happy news.

He asked me to take good care of her as he is not there. So I used to visit her on every evening. Days passed and she became weak due to pregnancy. So she asked me to arrange a maid for the house hold works. The maid used to come in the morning 7.30am and would leave at 6pm. So she asked me to stay with her in the flat as she need some help at night and I shifted to her flat and we became more close to each other.

I was not having any bad intensions with her. It was a single bedroom flat and I used to lie on the sofa in the hall. One evening she asked me to take her out as she is getting board. So I decided to take her out and I took the car from my friend as I feared to take her in bike. We wandered through the marine drive and had food from a restaurant. After that we planned to go for a second show.

It was a romantic English film and there were some hot scenes in it. We reached the flat back at 12. She then asked me to sit with her in her room for some time. We sat on her bed and started chatting. During it she asked me do I remember what doctor had told us during the first consultation. I was not remembering anything and told her so. Then she asked me whether I was having any GF or what.

I told her no. then she readily asked me “Are you a virgin?” and I nodded in affirmation. She then asked me about watching blue films and all. I was a little bit shy to share such kind of things with her and hesitated a little bit. But she kept asking and I told her yes. Then she asked me whether I am having anything currently with me. There was a collection in my laptop and I told her so. She demanded me to play it for her.

I was in confusion about what to do. She started forcing me and at last I took my lap and gave it to her. She asked me to play my favorite one for her. I played it and handed lap over to her and began to leave the room. But she took hold of my hand asked me to sit beside her and kept the lap on the bed. I was getting a hard on watching a girl giving blowjob to her partner. I was wearing a jeans and it was visible through my tight jeans.

So I took a pillow and placed on my lap in order to hide it from her. But she had already seen it. She was leaning to my shoulder and all of a sudden she kissed me on my cheek. An electric shock passed through my body. When I turned towards her she was looking at me with lustful eyes. I felt like she is begging me for it. She told me that she is starving for sex for the last three months and she needs it desperately. I was confused what to do?

She started to suck my lips atones. I was melt in it and hugged her. I started enjoying the kiss. I sucked her lips too and then inserted my tongue in her mouth and started exploring each and every portion of it. Her saliva tasted good for me. We were playing with our tongues and continued it for almost half an hour. Then we parted and looked at each others eyes. She started unbuttoning my shirt removed it and I started to fondle her boobs over her top.

She was wearing a pink churidar with a zipper at the back. I opened the zip and touched her bare back and ran my fingers over there. I pulled the top and it fell down. She was now in her white bra. I started kissing her neck and moved downwards. I licked her cleavage. Her white boobs were so cute in that laced bra and her pink erected nipples were also visible through that semitransparent one. I unfastened the bra and removed it.

She put her left nipple in my mouth and I started sucking it and at the same time crushed the other one with my left hand. She started moaning with pleasure. I sucked both of her boobs and then moved further down to her belly. She had very deep navel and I filled it with my saliva and licked it. She was running her fingers through my hair. Then I untied her salwar and removed it along with her pink panties. She had nicely trimmed triangle.

It was bulged outwards. I felt the smell of her pussy and it was intoxicating me. She was really wet by then. I started licking her pussy. She pushed my head into her along with a loud moan. I fucked her with my tongue and she came into my mouth. My face was all drenched with her come. She pulled me up and licked all her come from my face and cleaned it. She then rolled over me and started biting my nipples. It felt so good for me.

Then she took my tool and stroked him and started sucking him hard. She bites gently on its head and rounded her tongue through the sides of its head, started taking him deep into her throat. She was an expert in it. I came inside here within 2 minutes and she swallowed all of it and continued to suck until it became hard again. Now she lay there on her back and invited me to come inside her. She widened her legs and led my tool with her hands to her hole.

Though she was not a virgin, her pussy was tight. I had to push hard to enter her. She locked her legs on my hip and controlled my movements. As it was my first time it took some time for me to get into the ritham. Then I started fucking her hard. Her pussy was tight that I could not control my moans neither do her. We were both in some other world. And after 35 minutes of banging I came inside her and lay on her body for some time.

When I came to my senses, I asked her how it was for her. She told me that she had came twice in between it and kissed me hard. We had one more section again that day. We continued to fuck even in her 10th month of pregnancy. I had used all her holes. She was virgin in her ass and I was the one to break its virginity. After delivery I used to dink her milk at the same time with her baby. We were forced to use protection after her delivery to avoid pregnancy. Nishad came to visit them after an year and even then we were having sex and she is pregnant again now and it’s my child who is in her womb which only both of us knew.

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Helping My Friend

It’s quite but natural that women in India are more conservative than other countries although we all speak about men and women are equal and so on but it’s only good for lecture and hearing but rarely some follow anyways. Story I am narrating below is of a friend whom I met over mail and we sort of exchanged lot of mails and became good friends and somewhat our ideas and interest matched.

I have taken her permission to upload this story although she has left India now, just a brief about her. She is a house wife from Bangalore aged about 36 but looks 30 and after reading my earlier post confessed to me over mail that she liked it a lot and bla bla bla so on when we became friends she asked me if I was ok to meet her for a coffee as I did not want to take chance (Most of the guys portrays as girls and have asked for my number and have also asked me for Fucking them which is absolutely No)

I ensured that she is a True Lady and genuinely wanted to meet after all back ground check as planned we meet over coffee in Jayanagar coffee day we shared lot of things as in area of interest, what do I do and so on and so forth say after about an hour or so when we were comfortable with each other she said it was almost 2 years or so that she has had any thing called intercourse as her husband met with an accident and from then on he had become impotent and at the same time she did not want to cheat on him she was only looking for confidential sex pleasure and purely no strings attached if it was ok to meet my BF (Mohan).

She did not say it straight but I could guess thru her words. I immediately agreed to it as I felt no lady should be deprived of sex pleasure if she is in really needed of it.

I told her I will speak to Mohan and come back to you and in case if he deny I wouldn’t have any one else to refer (In other words I am not a pimp to supply males) then we settled the bill and left from there on my way back I was thinking how do I convince mohan on this and I thought that night I will tell him once he is on bed with me

I spoke to mohan and convinced mohan to meet her and being with her is purely his decision and I have no force from my end what so ever and following day I spoke to this lady and told her for which she said she was very happy and glad to meet him but she was not very open about it me being there when they meet understanding the intensity of help and situation I did not pursue either.

I told her that you please set up a small dinner / lunch at home when no one’s around (As in like husband) and I also told her to arrange for some liquor for which she said that’s not an issue at all since her husband drinks

She need not worry about it and she was occasional smoker in college days and had given up after marriage and so it wouldn’t be a problem. As planned we met at her place for dinner and she had cooked it all by herself and there was some Bacardi white Rum also so mohan sort of rejoiced over the food and once the food was done we had desert during all this course of time she never behaved as if she is a slut or she was wanting to get fucked by Mohan

She was fantastic host and a perfect lady cum housewife. I got a call genuinely from a client from (UK) and they said they wanted the proposal since directors have called for a meeting the following day in the first hour and I had to rush so I excused myself and left the place taking Mohan’s car.

Mohan: After the departure of Archana I sat on the couch and watching some Hindi movie and after a while say about 10 min or so I heard a sound of glass break I asked if everything was alright and she said it’s ok

I rushed to kitchen to see by myself when I saw she had dropped the ice cream jar on the floor and she had a cut on her toe and leg (2 inches above ankle) it was bleeding I asked her where is the first aid kit for which she said it’s in her bedroom and she guided me in there I was trying to clean blood flowing out of her leg at last she sat on the chair and she gave me the first aid kit I could clean her toe and sort of apply some medicine and control the blood but not the one above

It was continuously bleeding and her salwar pants was all with blood she asked if it was ok for her to get it off so I can clean the cut mark and apply some bandage to it I in the spurt of moment of wanting to do first aid I said please go ahead she was completely off with her salwar pants and for the situation it was salwar which has slit up to waist and she was wearing those tight pants once it was off I could see her black lace panty and it was netted right at the pussy front

I could see it was wet and I felt she must have been wet for last 2 hours.

I could sort of see the wetness by her thighs but my hand was doing its work and eyes were on pussy. I took her to the bed and made her lye on the bed and all this happening when I am slightly influenced by alcohol and she is naked below with her salwar top and I sat by her side sort of holding her and she could see that my cock has made a tent in my jeans and she said I can use the rest room to ease myself and I badly wanted to pee, while I was done by toilet and returned I saw her lying in the bed only with bra and panty

I could not control and all my empathy for her pain and wound was vanished I went to her slowly and kissed on her forehead and smooched her for 5 – 7 min or so and slowly kissed her breast and teased her and she herself removed her boobs from bra and fed me with her nipples and I was kissing and sucking them like a kid when in one hand she has pressing my head towards her breast the other one was trying to get my cock in her hand in tune to support her I got up and removed my jeans and t shirt and got completely nude she as more than happy to see me and she sat on her back and immediately tried to suck my cock and while this was happening I was trying to squeeze her breast and while it was decent 10 min

I got up on the mattress and helped her remove the panty and it was clean shaved and I licked it and she confessed that no one has licked her till date and we did 69 for a brief while by then she could not control any further she wanted me to enter her and give her the pleasure I entered her with a little thrust as she experienced some pain in penetration and slowing her pussy became accommodative of my cock

And we did it for say 30 min or so and then I was to ejaculate when she said she wants it on her face and breast. I came in her face and breast since she has not tasted it before she sort of tried tasting it and did not like it then we cleaned ourselves and hit the bed and it was close to 2:30 am and I called up Archana and told her not to pick me up so late I can take a taxi and come for which suja said her husband is back only on Monday and I can stay and sleep here tonight and so did I and in the morning after coffee and breakfast I had another round of intercourse with her but this time we tried doggy and satisfied her.

I left her house by 11 in the morning and directly went home and crashed. After a brief period we heard that her husband is moving to Vietnam for a short term assignment and she was to join him in less than 10 – 15 days and on 9th June they left Bangalore.

Her name is Suja age36 housewife from Bangalore husband working in NGO.

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My Sexy Collegue

Rozy, my colleague. I was running a college at that time. I was 32 at that time. Rozy is a Maldivian lady. She used to come there regularly for taking English and she used to take other subjects too. Very friendly woman at the same time will crack jokes just like that. She is quite beautiful with sexy figure of 38 30 38. I never thought of her for sex. But one day when I came to the college she was sitting there without her turban in her head.

She was wearing a shirt and very tight jeans exposing her sexy thighs. Look all the sexier.

From that moment onwards i started noticing her. Even though she was a mother of two, her figure didn’t say that. I used to stare at her boobs and thighs. We used to call each other mostly for college purpose. At times we used to say about our partners on how much we used to miss them. My wife was at Bangalore and her husband was in Maldives.

One day when I called her for some official purpose and then we stated talking about her husband and I took the courage and asked her whether she was missing him for sex. She said “then what else. I don’t love him because he goes around with her secretary for holidays. I took this as my chance and said “why don’t you also go around with your colleagues?”

She said: “I like only one person in the college whom i really want to have sex with, but he is married and has a son. I don’t want to disturb his family. I asked her is it me?” because there were no body else who has a son in the college to which she didn’t answer. I repeated the question and she said “yes.” I told her that “I have no problem and my family life will not be disturbed in any way if you are alright.”

We continued the flirt for some more time and then fixed the date. Then one day we planned for a date and i picked her up and wet to a hotel, had a cup of tea and then went to the was already 7 pm and darkness started. We sat inside the car started talking and I could feel my erectness. I suddenly gave a kiss on her soft lips. She was surprised at my move and she pushed me aside. I asked her why. She said people will notice.

Which she was right, we were at Sangumukham beach in Trivandrum and it is usually a crowded tourist center. I said Ok and then pulled her hand and kept it on my rock hard penis. She was again surprised my move and her eyes went wide open and asked me Mukesh what is this?

I said this is because of the pressure which mounted for the last few days thinking about you. She said oh my! I never knew you had this much pressure”. We both laughed.

But she did not take her hands off it. She started to slowly massageit. I slowly pulled her closer to me and put my arms around her, she was wearing a loose shirt and tight jeans. I held her boobs through her shirt. Very soft and shaped well. She was a bit shy and said people might watch. Then I said Ok, we will go somewhere else to which she agreed. I started the car, but to my surprise she did not remove her hands from my cock. I looked at her and she said I don’t want that erection to go off.

We went to a remote place where there were not much people. We both did no waste any more time. I kissed her on the lips. This time she also responded very well by opening her mouth and kissed back at me. I slowly put my hand on her boobs and stated pressing it. I
started unbuttoning her shirt and now i could feel her boobs above her

By this time her hand went inside my pants and underwear and pulled it out. She just stopped kissing and gave a look at my 7.5 inches erectness. She said oh dear, this will give me a lot of pain. I asked why? She said this has to go inside me. I said i will do it without giving you any pain. She suddenly bent down and took the whole penis into her mouth. It was one of the best feelings. She started to blow it very fast.

I unhooked her bra and started to press her soft boobs and hard nipples. She pumped me so expertly rubbing my balls. It went on for hardly 5 minutes and I released the whole pressure of my cum inside her mouth. And she drank it fully. She said it gave her too a good feeling. We quickly shifted to the back seat. We both removed our clothes and were naked. She lied down with her pussy lifted.

I started to suck her juice and she came in within 5 mins. I drank it all. She suddenly got up and said we are getting late and we will finish it fast. She sat on my lap facing me, her legs wrapped around my waist and I placed my penis head right in her pussy. She started screaming as she fucked me and as the full erectness went inside her. In the moonlight I could see her well shaped boobs right in front of my face dancing up and down.

I caught one of them with my mouth and stated sucking it as she was fucking me. I massaged the other boobs with my hand. It went on for around 15 min, and then we shifted to the doggy style.

I mounted it in her pussy and started pumping. She lifted her upper body in such a way that I could press her boobs. We enjoyed it for more than 15 min or so. She was saying faster and I obeyed her. I could feel her pussy lips closing in on my penis. She had 5 climaxs in between.

Now we were both coming in together. She said don stop dear, muck me faster and faster. I obeyed. I sprayed a hell lot of cum inside her, she also came in at the same time. She turned around after 2 min and wiped it all with her panties. Then i asked to wipe my penis also with the panty. Instead she bent down and sucked it all from my penis.

After cleaning she got up and looked at me, I gave her a kiss on her lips and held her boobs.she said “this is enough for today”.
I said “I just wanted to hold your boobs for some more time and then we will go. She agreed.

She lay on my bare chest with her back on my chest giving me the best way of holding her boobs.we sat there for another 5 min talking. She said that it was an adventurous one and she enjoyed it a lot.

She said that it was the biggest cock which has gone inside her till now and it was the best. We agreed that we will go somewhere like a honeymoon couple and enjoy the balance.

We got dressed and I dropped her at her house. It was one of the best fucks I had in my life. Will narrate our honey moon trip soon other time. Your valuable comments are welcome

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Adventure On The Train

I had a train trip planned from Mumbai to Goa. On the day of departure, I reached the station, well before time as I usually do. An hour before departure, the train arrived. I went from one compartment to other looking for my name (They have a list on each compartment, with the name of the traveler, seat number, etc) I finally found my compartment. I was in a first class room, with just two seats.

The other name seemed like a lady I knew. Her name was Mina Gaikwad. I entered my berth, removed my shoes and sat. After around 20 minutes, Mina arrived.Yes! It was the lady I knew.We expressed Surprise to see each other and also we were happy that we knew each other. I asked her how her Husband, kids, etc were doing. She was dressed in a Sari and looking at her caused some stirring in my loins.

I had been on a trip to India for 3 weeks. This was my third and since my Wife was in the US, I had not had sex for that amount of time. Also, I had chosen not to masturbate. The train started and I started reading a book. I told her, I was on a trip here for 3 weeks. It so happened, that so was she and said she missed her Family. She asked me, do you miss Sharpay (My wife). I said I did, it has been 3 weeks.

She seemed to understand the reason (I suspected it was because, she probably felt the same). After around an hour, she said she would have to change and go to sleep. For some reason, she chose to change in the berth. She asked, if I could close my eyes, while she changed. I put my hand over my eyes, but could not help peeking after a while. She was in her panties and bra. Panties, were lacy and did not conceal much.

I could see pussy hair coming out. Her breasts were large. I got a huge erection. I closed my eyes again. After a while, she said I could open my eyes. I noticed, she was looking at my erection. I looked in her eyes and she looked back, openly. She was now dressed in a cotton gown. We shut off the light with the intention of going to sleep. I covered myself with my Blanket. My cock was throbbing. The 3 weeks gap, plus the sight I had just seen had caused an erection.

I started rubbing my cock over my pants. And then I unzipped, and let it out thru the opening in my underwear. I slowly started rubbing it. I did not plan to come, probably play it with a while and then go to sleep (Maybe not such a great idea, because it makes you even hornier but a lot of fun) I looked at the side, and it seemed like Mina was watching me. It was dark, so I wasn’t quite sure. It takes a while for the eyes to get used to the light.

After a while I could see better and it seemed like she was stroking herself. I had got quite horny now, which meant I started to throw caution to the winds. I removed my pant and shirt (I was still under the bed sheet) and kept stroking myself. I don’t know, if she noticed. I kept stroking myself. She seemed to be stroking herself quite fervently. I removed the bed-sheet and sat up. My heart was beating like crazy. I think she could see me, but she kept on stroking.

That encouragement was enough for me. I went up to her seat and sat next to her. I could see her face. She was pretending to be asleep. I removed her blanket. Her gown was open. Her thin panties did not cover much and could clearly see her pussy was wet. I put my hands on her breasts and stroked them. Obviously I was living dangerously. Like I said before, I had got myself to a state, where I was throwing cautions to the winds.

She had her eyes closed, as I started stroking harder. Then I stroked her pussy. It was really wet. I stroked it with the palm of my hand and then with a finger, I explored inside (Still above the panty) I then put my hand inside the panty and stroked it , the clit and all inside. I put a finger inside and explored. She was still sleeping. Clearly, this was encouragement enough. I took her panties off and starting licking her pussy.

She must have been surprised. Probably, her hubby had not done that before. I do it often. I liked her clit and Vagina. It was wet.I took her hand and put it on my cock and then to the balls. It was throbbing. I removed her Bra and stroked her breasts.

Then I went on top of her and inserted my cock. I started fucking her and I kissed her lips. Her eyes were closed, but she responded with her tongue. I was deep insde and she was moaning. I whispered in her ear, I going to fuck your cunt. I kept saying it, till I came hard. I came out and saw sperm in her hairy pussy.

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